Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Idaho Vacation Day 6

July 4th - Happy Independence Day.  Today we went rogue and left Idaho.  Mat thought it would be neat for the family to see Salt Lake City, Utah.  It is only 2 hours south of Twin Falls, so we decided what the heck.  We had done everything else we wanted to do in Twin Falls, so we went for it.

Salt Lake was beautiful.  We went to the State Capital building, Temple Square, Olympic Park and Golde Spike National Park.  We put in a very long day, but it was well worth it.  We had a lot of fun.

Temple Square

 Joseph Smith

 Inside where the Mormon Tabernacle Tower sing

 Convention Center

 Brigham Young
 Brigham Young's house

 Train Station
 Snow on mountains in the distance
 At the Capital Building

 Brigham Young
 Utah's symbol is a beehive

 Salt Lake Utah was the host of the winter games awhile ago.  They turned the Olympic Park into a fun place for families to do activities during the summer and the winter.

 Our kids tubing down the ski jump slopes

 We watched jumpers practice.  They landed into the pool.

 Mat and Finley riding the chair life
 Tubing down a really big hill

 Riding an Alpine slide

 Zip line

 We stopped to see the actual high school where they filmed the movie "High School Musical".  A lot of the students of this school were in the movie

 Red on the mountains in Salt Lake

 Part of the actual Salt Lake - do you see the white?  That is the salt
 Golden Spike National Park marks the part of the railroad where the east and west met together to form the continental rail road.

 NASA missle

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