Friday, July 29, 2016

Idaho Vacation Day 8

Today we went to Yellowstone Park.  Even though we are staying in Idaho Falls, our whole intention when we got to this side of Idaho was to go to Yellowstone.  Which is in Wyoming.

Yellowstone was beautiful.  We spent the day in the west and north parts of Yellowstone.  You would need a week to do everything we wanted to do, but we squeezed it into two days.  I think we got to see all the major points.

There are over 500 geysers in Yellowstone.  Only 6 are predictable.  The temperature of the hottest geysers can reach over 450 degrees.  They are extremely dangerous, and I won't lie - I was a little nervous walking around with the kids.  There are well designated boardwalks and paths, but kids will be kids and they tend to be clumsy.  Luckily, everyone stayed safe.

The temperature was so cold while we were there.  I guess it wasn't unusual.  It was 35 degrees when we woke up in the mornings - and it was July.  By mid-day it was only in the 60s.  So different from the West side of Idaho.

We saw an incredible amount of wild animals.  Elk, deer, bear, buffalo.....incredible.    They were fun to watch.

The pictures will not do the area justice but it will give you an idea of how incredible the area was.

 Look at the horns on this guy

 Cinnamon Black Bear.  He was right across the street.  There was a ranger with the onlookers on the other.

 The formations in the rock from the hot springs was incredible

 Look how white the rock is here

 They were hanging out in the parking area.  A ranger was there to make sure no people touched them.  But they could have cared less - the buffalo that is.


 Mud that was bubbling

 The water in the hot springs was really blue

 The holes without the water are the hottest

 This is not Old Faithful - just another geyser we saw erupt - a small one

 Lunch at a counter restaurant in Yellowstone
 This is a real thing
 Huge Elk

 Finley being silly because she was near the edge

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