Thursday, July 28, 2016

Idaho Vacation Day 7

July 5th - Finley's 10th birthday.  I am so happy we could spend her 10th birthday in Idaho - her #1 bucket list choice.  This sweet girl has brought so much happiness to us since the day she was born.  We worry about her constantly, but her sweet and loving disposition makes it so easy to love her.  We are lucky she is ours.

Today we headed out of Twin Falls and on our way to Idaho Falls.  It was a perfect day for Finley because we were doing the one thing that was high on her list in Idaho - seeing the Idaho Potato Museum.  I am not kidding.  This is a thing.

We passed some really cool lava flows that had passed over the road some time ago - amazing to see lava for miles and miles.

After that, we stopped at this quaint little collectors museum which had tons and tons of different collections that this elderly couple had collected over the years.  The kids were fascinated.  We were there a few hours because they were really into it.

We had dinner and got some groceries and cupcakes for Finley's birthday, and settled into our Idaho Falls house.  Which was very.....cabiny.  It was GREAT - we loved it.  Cozy, and warm, and in the woods.  No internet connection for the day were were there, which was a nice needed break.

10 years old.  With red hair!!
 The Potato Museum

 The largest Pringle ever made

 Singing Potatoes.  They sang a goofy song that was stuck in our head for days

 Tons of Mr. Potato heads

 A boy scout did his eagle project and collected potato mashers from all different years.  Haven't changed much
 There was a cafe attached to the museum, so we had french fries.  Of course.

 I found it fascinating how they water the crops.  They grew the crops in a circle, and these would spin around the crop circle and water them.  Basically all day.

 The collectors museum. The elderly couple were the sweetest people - so fun.

 The Grand Teton mountains in the distance
 Birthday cupcakes

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