Saturday, July 30, 2016

Idaho Vacation Day 9

Second day in the Yellowstone area.  Today we did see Old Faithful, and went to the southern part of Yellowstone.  We continued OUT of Yellowstone and down to the Grand Tetons.  Because they were there.

We had a very long, but very fun day.  We saw a ton in a 12 hour period, and since it was our last day in Yellowstone, we made it worth it.

Waiting for Old Faithful.  These days it goes off around every 88 minutes - give or take 10 minutes.  It was freezing, so we took turns going inside the visitor center to get warm.

 That blue water.  So hot....

 We found this interesting - an old geyser - a tree growing in it

 a Geyser errupted while we were walking around

 Grand Tetons in the distance....always snow covered

 Riding a boat across Jenny Lake

 Doing some Hiking around Jenny Lake

 Having dinner near the Tetons.  One last Bison burger

 We had a fun time watching these Elk.  The little ones were running all over the place, chasing each other

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