Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday before surgery

This is Cainan's last weekend before his surgery. We are stuffing him full of finger foods because he won't get to enjoy them for awhile! Poor baby. Tomorrow night we are going out to dinner for one last good meal before he has to go on a liquid diet for about 2 weeks.

Not much going on the last several days. I had to work Wed, Thursday, Friday, so not much to report! Cainan had his clearance for surgery on Friday at the pediatrician's office. He is all clear. He was still 19 pounds - hasn't gained anything in the last two weeks since he had a shots visit. Sigh. The doctor wasn't concerned, though. He is 31 1/2 inches tall. We also got a call from the hospital that said that we had to be at the hospital at 6:15 Monday morning. No idea what the actual surgery time is, though. We never do. They usually go from youngest to oldest. Let's hope we are one of the first cases. Doctor Stelnicki does multiple surgeries a day, so we don't know where we fit in yet.

Friday we went to a little get together at one of friend's houses. It was a lot of fun. There were a lot of our friend's there with their kids so all the little ones got to play together and the adults had a little chance for some conversation! Not much, though, since we were constantly making sure all the kids were accounted for. But it was fun. We always enjoy our time with these families.

Today Mat took Arlington to see "The Bee Movie" She has wanted to see it, and has been looking forward to it all week. She really loved it, and Mat said it was a good movie. They went to lunch first, and then to the movie and I stayed here and cleaned and played with the babies. They went with one of Arlington's best little friends and her dad, and had a great time.

I will try to post from the hospital on Tuesday (I know there is internet access) to let you know how Cainan is doing. But if not, I will post as soon as we get home which will be anywhere from Tuesday night to Thursday.

A few cute things:
Finley - learned to say "ta-da!!" and throw her hands in the air. And when she does it, Cainan throws his hands in the air! She also said "feet" today as well. Her vocabulary is growing by the day

Cainan - babbling more. He also learned to stand up from where he is to get up! He was using furniture, etc. that he would have to crawl to, to pull to a stand before he could walk around, but a day or so ago, he just started standing up from his spot in the middle of the floor. Yeah!

Arlington - so funny. I wish I could bottle her 4 year old innocence and throw it on her when she becomes a mean teenager. :) Yesterday, we were riding in the car, and she was admiring the stars. She said, "mommy, the stars are following us". We talked about how it definitely looks that way, and she said, "no, really mommy. I know they are following us because I speak starish and that is what they told me." Apparently there is a star language!
Then, that gave me the opportunity to talk with her about how the Wise men followed the star that led them to Jesus (since I knew she knew the story), and she started asking questions about it and wanted to know if they walked there. We talked about it, and she said, "well, I guess they could walk, but that would be boring. You know, they could also leapfrog there". See, the Wisemen didn't know what they were missing!
Last, we have a gate at the top of our stairs to keep the babies from tumbling down when we play upstairs. The gate is not bolted to our wall, we can completely take it down and use it other places. Anyway, Arlington wanted to go downstairs to get a drink before bed. Mat said to her, "take the gate down and you can go". She said okay, and we didn't hear from her for a very long time. I asked what she was doing downstairs, and she said she would be right up. When she came up she said, "I did what daddy told me, I took the gate downstairs". Sure enough, she had carried the gate down all of our stairs! When asked why, she said, "well, daddy said to take the gate down". Oops! Poor baby.

Enjoy a few pictures from the last couple of days! Sorry today I didn't have time to edit them first! :)


Anonymous said...

Cainan is on our church prayer chain, tomorrow I will remind everyone of the upcoming surgery.
Isn't it something when the kids think of questions that are hard to answer, our little Sunday school kids have learned several songs that we sing in church, one is "I've got the love of Jesus, down in my heart" The other day Alexa asked me "what's does "the peace that passeth understanding" mean?" She's 5, I'm not sure she understood my explaination, but she said "OOOH". Love and prayers Nanny

alison said...

Helloooooooo Pletcher family!!! It has been forever since I checked in on Cainan. He is looking great.I still had the old blog address so it took me awhile to track you guys down. I will check in later in the week to hear how his surgery went. I will send up some extra prayers!!

mom to another Chenzhou-boy

Donna said...

I'm praying for you guys this morning as Cainan is in surgery.

I went to a "welcome home" shower this weekend for another sweet cl/p baby from China. Her palate surgery was in late August and she is already so verbal now that her mouth is repaired. What an amazing thing to witness! I know you are looking forward to the changes that will come once Cainan heals.

Bless you all,