Sunday, December 2, 2007

Busy Sunday

We have been really busy here at our house! Now that we are in the Christmas Season, we are busy decorating, shopping and just enjoying the season. But time is going by quick! And now that Cainan's surgery is over and we are back to school/work time is tight. But that is okay - makes the time until Christmas gets here go that much faster. We did get our family stockings this year. Now that our family is complete, we decided to get our permanent yearly stockings. We ordered them from Pottery Barn, and are very pleased with them.` I took a picture, of course! :)

Let's see what has been going on:

Wednesday was my first day back to work after 2 weeks, and Cainan's first day back to school. Both of us where happy to be back in routine. He loves going to school and playing with the kids, and I really think he will get more language development there listening to the other kids. And I was glad to be back amongst adult conversation!

Thursday and Friday where pretty typical. Nothing to report. Busy working and getting the kids off to school. I don't know if I told you or not, but we had success with getting his occupational therapy and speech therapy covered by our insurance. After many phone calls, getting the state department involved, and having a contact on the inside, we got a phone call that we were indeed approved for both! Thank goodness! The insurance lady was so excited that she had to call me right away and tell me.

Saturday - Mat went to work for a few hours and Arlingon had her best friend over for a playdate. They play so nicely together that having this little girl over is actually a break for me! The babies took a nap while they played and then Mat took her home after dinner. In the morning Finley and I took a trip to the post office to mail a few things and then went to the toy store to do some shopping. Nice when they are little and can't reveal what has been bought! She enjoyed looking and testing all the toys that I put in the cart. we are very close to being done shopping for the kids.

Sunday - today we went to church and then Mat did his shopping for the kids this afternoon while the babies took a nap. I cleaned the house (yuk) and put laundry away (double yuk). Now that everyone is awake, we are all planning on going outside to play for awhile.

New happenings:

Finley says "french fry". Not surprising since it is her favorite food! She says it pretty well too! Also, we put lighted garland on our staircase, and I didn't want the babies to touch it so I told them it was hot. It worked, and now Finley will say "hot" and then blow on the lights to cool them! Too funny! Hope the same works when we put up the tree!
And Finley has a little book that has babies on each page. IT is a "good night" baby book. Well, one of the babies is Asian. Every time we come to that page, Finley touches the baby and says "nice". (This is what we tell her when she touches Cainan!) We kind of think she thinks Cainan's name is "nice" because she hears it in reference to him all the time!

Arlington is counting down the days until our Disney trip next weekend! We went last year at Christmas time as well, and it is so much fun! If you are able, I highly recommend Disney at Christmas! We can't wait to go! We are going for 4 days. Arlington would live there if she could. We are lucky to live so close by.

Cainan is donig well. He says "hi" really clearly now, and "more" is getting better. He has started using the sign for "eat" more appropriately, and even started saying something like "milk". He is also practicing blowing on the lights, which is good to see. With his palate being open, he wasn't able to have air movement like that before, so couldn't make that sound. Daily progress! He still sticks his tongue out from time to time, but even that is getting less and less, and mostly only when he is concentrating!

Cainan also turns 18 months old today! Time is going by fast! We are soon going to celebrate 4 months since Gotcha day - hard to believe!

Here are some pictures!

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