Friday, December 28, 2007

Posting a little early

I wanted to post today because all of our company is gone and we have lots of pictures to share! I may divide them into two posts - we will see. Do some today and some tomorrow! But we had a nice time.

Mat's parents arrived the day after Christmas to spend the day with us and their grandchildren. We opened presents with them and went out to dinner! It was a great evening.

Then on Thursday Mat's brother and sisters and all of their significant others and kids, and Mat's grandma and aunt came to the house to make us a total of 18! It was so much fun having all of those people here. We had food waiting for them when they arrive and the snacking began! Then we had a nice, simple dinner together and afterwards opened presents and played games. It was the first time Mat's youngest sister and her husband, Mat's brother, and Mat's grandma had been to our house so that was nice to have them here. We love being together and Mat's family is really large so it is loud and crazy and just a blast. Mat's mom loves having all of her kids together and since we all spread out, it doesn't happen very often. We took a lot of pictures to capture the day. And everyone slept at our house. We had plenty of room for all and enjoyed the large slumber party.

Everyone left today. It was a short visit, but a fun one. We wished everyone could stay longer, but understand the need to get back to their everyday lives. Mat's parents stayed the longest and just left this evening.

So overall, it was a very successful and fun week. We are a little tired, but it was a good payoff for having everyone together like that. Now we have our New Years Eve party to look forward too!

Arlington got two gifts she really liked these last two days. Aunt Betty got her a very fancy Sleeping Beauty costume. We are going to a Princess party at Disney in Feb. as part of her birthday, and Sleeping Beauty is who she is going as, because she is her favorite. And she also got the "Bitty Twins" from American Girl. She is a little young for American Girl, but saw these twins and thought of Finley and Cainan. So Mat's mom got them for her as part of her gift. They are really cute. The girl has blonde hair like Finleand the little boy has black hair like Cainan!

Here are some pictures to enjoy! There are lots so bare with me! I added them all!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, but if the family gets any bigger, next year you'll have to rent a hall. Nanny

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simply stopping by to say hi