Sunday, December 23, 2007

Family Fun Yard Day

This is what Mat has nicknamed the day (or in this case, the weekend) before Christmas each year where we are outside all day (or again, this year - ALL weekend). We are getting our yard all ready by trimming and planting and fixing it up nice. It is a lot of work, but fun too. The kids enjoy just playing outside and running around, and this year, Arlington even helped us with some of the work! We did it all day yesterday and I forgot to post, so I appologize! We will be working on the yard again today and tomorrow will be reserved for getting the inside of the house all picked up!

This week was busy with the kids Christmas parties and finishing up with work and getting last minute presents. We are so close to Christmas! We are all excited and can't wait! We never would have thought we would have had our little boy by this Christmas, and are very blessed that he is here with us. Now our family is complete.

Arlington had her Christmas party this week and is really getting excited for Christmas. Mat is taking her to another Christmas party this afternoon just to help get rid of some of her energy! She REALLY wants to open some presents. And this week, Arlington finally started asking questions about Santa. The newest one, "How does Santa get to all the houses in just one night?" Hmmm... I knew this day would come. She is starting to wonder about how he does it all and what is real and what isn't. She still VERY much believes in Santa, but knows that Frosty and the "snowmeiser" are not real. But she knows elves are real because they MAKE the toys! She is funny.

Finley has some new words. She says book, up, down, and she says "no, no" all the time! Everything is "no". Great.

Cainan has really gotten happier this week. He is getting a little less sensitive, which is nice. He seems more playful. We are starting to figure him out. When he is really tired or hungry, EVERYTHING bothers him. Otherwise, he is pretty good. He is doing the sign for "up" and he tries to say "down". And he is working on "ball". He is getting pretty good!

I will probably not post on Christmas day, but I might Christmas night after the kids are in bed.

To all of our family and friends have a very merry Christmas and know that we are thinking about you and we love you! Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Here are some pictures:

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