Saturday, December 15, 2007

Decorating the tree

Well today we finally decorated the tree. We have had the tree for a few days, but haven't had the chance to get to it! Arlington was very excited to get to help. We set aside a lot of "unbreakable" ornaments for her to hang any where she wanted and we did the rest. The babies did pretty good not touching the tree. We had to put a few ornaments back on the tree after Cainan took a few off, but after awhile, they went back to playing and forgot about the tree. We will see what happens over the next couple of days! Each year we usually lose one ornament due to it falling to being taken off the tree. :)

This was a busy work week and we were glad for the weekend day. We are all still kind of sick. Cainan and I have a lingering cough, Mat is congested, Arlington has a sore throat, and today, Finley threw up everywhere at dinner time. Poor baby! She has been acting okay, but she has a sour stomach. So she won't be joining us for church tomorrow! She doesn't go back to school until Tuesday, so hopefully by then, she is back to normal. She hasn't wanted to eat all day - now I know why!

Today Arlington and Mat went to a birthday party for Arlington's best friend. IT is hard to believe the girls are 5! These are friends of ours from when we lived in California, so the girls have been friends almost their whole lives. They had a nice afternoon. The babies and I stayed at the house because the party was during their nap time. Arlington had a great time at the party, and it was a good outlet for her energy. She should sleep well tonight!

Most of you know, but Finley learned her first two word sentence - "bad baby". Great! She says it all the time. Now, yes, we do say this to her - ALOT. She is always causing mischief, and one day she repeated us! Now she says it all the time. She says it to her baby dolls. She can also say "mouse", and when her stuffed minnie mouse falls on the floor, she says "bad mouse". She also says "night night" and is trying to finish words. For example, she says "bath" pretty well, and is now trying to figure out the "th" sound, so she says "bap". Goofball.

Cainan learned to shrug his shoulders. He goes around shrugging them all the time. He is also getting better with stepping down steps. He is kind of afraid, and will just stand and wait for someone to help him, but he is trying to do it on his own. Big step!

We have just about wrapped up the Christmas shopping. Mat is making one last run tomorrow for some last minute things, and then we are done! Yeah! I can't wait to have the kids open all of their gifts - that is so fun to watch their faces. Now with the tree up and the outside lights done, it really feels like Christmas at our house!

Here are a few pictures from today. Sorry Finley is in a diaper for most of them! She threw up all over her clothes after dinner, so we just left her in her diaper after that! I promise to take some cute pictures of them in front of the tree later!

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