Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Don't be mad!!!

I am so sorry I forgot to blog yesterday! I am losing it. I thought all day today was Tuesday, so my intentions were to come home and blog. But it is Wednesday! Ugh. I am working some extra days this week because we are going to Disney on Friday, and I am all confused.

Anyway, I don't have any pictures to share either. Again with all the extra working I have been doing, we have basically come home in the evening, got dinner ready and got the kids ready for bed, and that is it! Plus I do a little online shopping and maybe some packing for our weekend trip! Sigh.

This week has been busy. Cainan had his occupational therapy visit on Monday. He did really well. Mat took him this time. He brought home some therapy putty we are to use in the evening to encourage him to stretch his fingers. He is doing well with the splints and his thumbs are getting better, but he still needs therapy. He is learning about following directions, and hopefully will become less stubborn (yeah right!). He did really well, and the therapist was pleased with his progress. She would like to see him once a week, but for right now, she is going to have to settle for every other week.

On Tuesday, Cainan has his 18 month appointment. He is doing pretty well, and the doctor was pleased overall. He wasn't crazy about his weight, which is now at 18 pounds 9 ounces. He lost a 1/2 a pound probably due to the surgery and his limited diet. But he is so small! Finley is well over 20 pounds, and she looks so chunky next to him! He is just a little thin rail. He drinks 3 cans of pediasure a day, yet his weight just isn't getting better. So we are doing a fatty diet, and will probably start to add the half and half to his pediasure like we did for Finley when she needed to gain weight. Whatever works! But he got some shots and now we don't have to go back until he turns two. He is finally caught up with his shots! Yeah!

Also on Tuesday our van wouldn't start when I came out from work. I got into the car, tried to start the engine, and NOTHING. Our van is not that old, and we keep it very well maintenanced, but what the heck??? I thought it was the battery, so I got out the manual and looked up about the battery. From what I read, the battery was fine. I called the dealership, and they thought it could be the battery or the altinator. Okay, so I needed a jump. We have very good friends that Mat works with, and they offered to go get the kids at daycare and then come and give me a jump. That was so great! But I had a co-worker with jumper cables, so Mat and our friends went to the school to get the kids while I took care of the car. The jump worked and I drove it to an Auto-Zone to have it checked. There wasn't anything wrong with anything! The Auto Zone people thought that maybe a light was on somewhere all day, and it drained the battery, and jump starting it is all it needed. And it has worked since - no problem! Stinking car. But we want to thank our friends Mike and Julie for being such wonderful friends, and my co-worker, Manny, for giving me a jump start! :)

So that is our week so far. The girls are doing great. Finley learned to say Santa. Cainan will point to himself when you say, "where's Cainan?". He has learned where his belly is as well.

This weekend Friday through Monday we are going to Disneyworld! We are all very excited about our trip! The weather is going to be in the 80s, but the humidity is down, so it should feel pretty good! We can't wait to go. So I won't be posting this weekend, but will return next Tuesday after our trip with a lot of good pictures.


Marilyn, Paul, PJ, Chris & Lauren said...

Have a wonderful, well deserved trip! May the lines be short and the weather sunny.


(another Chenzhou Mommy)

Anonymous said...

My computer crashed and I've been trying to catch up on all my news, Bryan installed a new hard drive so now I'm back in "business". Glad to know all is well, and Christmas will be here sooner than all of us are ready for it. Nanny