Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Everyone is sick Tuesday

Ah the fall. The breeze is blowing, the air is crisp,the temperature is perfect, and everyone is sick. Hey, that rhymed! I am a genius.

Anyway, everyone in my house (but me) is sick right now. All three kids have head colds, and Arlington has laryngitis. I am hoping she gives that to Finley (just kidding). Mat is even feeling under the weather and has a cough. Gotta love daycare and school! My poor kids got hit the first week in. But they are all still happy, just suffering through and mostly a little tired. I am sure I will be the next one to get it.

Things are going well. We had a great start to the week. Arlington is doing great and is off to a great start in school. She even has homework and she loves doing it. Let's see how long that last! Finley hasn't cried this week at all about attending school. She went willingly both days, and that has been a relief. I am on my own dropping the three crazies off each morning, so for her to go peacefully has been a blessing. I was smart this past Sunday and laid out all of our clothes for the whole week (the three kids and mine - Mat passed!!), and packed all the lunches for all 5 days! I was proud. Now, each evening when I come home I am not having to stand around and fix lunches for the next day or pull clothes off. I can just hang with the kids, help Arlington with her work, and make dinner.

I have my own homework now anyway. Being new to the job, AND being the beginning of the year, I have work I bring home each evening. It isn't much, and I know soon I won't have to do that anymore. I don't mind, really. While I am watching TV, I play catch up and then at work I can concentrate on more important things. I still see between 30-40 kids a day, which in a school of 250 kids, that seems like a lot! But minor things, of course. Yesterday one class sent me 9 kids with a stomach ache. Hmmmmmm...... So I finally had to say - "okay, everyone is fine!" It was funny. I definitely am forming a fan club. :) I see some of the same kids a lot, and that is funny. I will have to get hard on them eventually, but that is going to be hard! I had a Kindergartener come to me today who banged his head on a desk, and he was afraid. I asked him his name, and he told me and then said, "I'm the new kid in town". Too much! I could just eat the little ones. Even the 4th graders are cute. (my oldest kids!)

Most of the staff has been great. There are a few teachers that seem a little nuts and if Arlington was at that school I wouldn't want her in their class. But I LOVE a few and I am so glad for a few co-workers my age. Overall it is a really great group. Oh and this week I had my first case of.........head lice. Whaaaaaaaa!!! Seems a bit early to be initiated into that group. (sob). Let's hope that was the last time. (chuckle chuckle)

So anyway, we were really busy and I didn't have time for pictures this week and I do apologize! I promise to be better.

Take care!

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