Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The no picture post!

Wait! Don't go! Don't be mad!!! I am sorry I don't have any pictures to post. I just totally totally forgot. We have been very swamped and I didn't pull out the camera once. I am guilty. I hope to have double the pictures by Saturday! Here's hoping!

Well, for those of you that are still with me......we are glad it is almost "hump" day! This day has been busy! We are preparing for some guest to come this weekend. Mat's parents and Mat's youngest sister, Jess, are coming to visit us for the weekend! We are so excited to have visitors - it has been awhile! They are staying just for the weekend, a short visit, but a welcome one none the same. They will get to see Arlington play soccer on Saturday and we plan on eating out someplace fun Saturday night. Can't wait!

So we are cleaning. Since we haven't had guest in awhile, the cleaning doesn't get done quite as often as it used to. And with me working, well, that doesn't help! So each day this week, we are doing a little. Mat is concentrating on the outdoors (we are STILL seeding! UGH! And we have to mow the grass. We did the weeds. That was it. I have a feeling we are winding down with yard work, and soon we won't have to mow - yeah!

Sunday we went to church - again. This weeks attendance was lighter than last week. It is a very small church, and we are a little unsure about that. More Mat than me. I am willing to hang in there for a while longer. Arlington has already made a friend, and their family is really nice! And the people are wonderful. This coming Sunday is "World Communion day" and we are supposed to bring things from other countries, so we are bringing some of Cainan's Chinese things. Then Mat and I also signed up to make sandwiches for a local homeless shelter for one weekend. So we will see!

Also on Sunday we spent a lot of time outdoors with the kids. We hadn't been out much due to a large amount of rain. So we had fun being outside and just being together. But boy did we get bit by mosquitos! We all had bug bites everywhere by Monday morning. Arlington and Cainan seemed to get bit the most.

Monday was a busy day for me at work. For the first time, I saw 40 kids on one day. I was exhausted and overwhelmed. I couldn't believe it! They just kept coming! At one time, I had 8 kids in my office at once - all wanting my attention. We only have about 200 kids in the school, so 40 is quite a bit of our population! I ended up being at work an extra 1/2 hour just catching up from my day. Sigh. The kids are so cute, though. That does help. They say the funniest things! I had one girl who had gotten scratched by her cat, and wanted a bandaid. She was a 1st grader. I said to her (joking) "you will have to talk to that cat and tell it not to sratch you any more" She smiled at me and said, "but my cat can't talk" What a hoot. Monday's most aliments were bug bites and poison ivy. I guess we weren't the only ones who took advantage of the nice weather on Sunday!

So Monday night was busy at our house because we got a late start to our evening. WE still managed to get outside and play and get some yard work done before coming in. We have found that - just like our sun would RISE around 4:45am in the high of the summer, it SETS here by 7pm now (which I understand is about an hour earlier than my parents who live in Western Pennsylvania). So we are dark REALLY early. But our sun is up around 6:15 still, so maybe that makes a difference.

And Monday night was Steelers football. Go Steelers! Even though Big Ben looks really awful, I love our Steelers and we were glad to see them pull off a win.

Today I had a meeting all morning, so I had a substitute nurse in for me until lunch time. We still had a really busy day, but not as bad as Monday. Tonight the kids got outside and I stayed inside and cleaned the whole upstairs! So only the downstairs left to go!!

Arlington is doing well. She brought home the sight words for the month of October - I, see, it, is. Well, Arlington already KNOWS those words. So that didn't really mean much to her. So I have put together a large notebook of words for her, and we are working on those instead. She is charging ahead with the goal of reading. So we are leaving Kindergarten in the dust. :) But she loves is so much. She thinks it is so much fun. She has made a lot of friends, and just has a great time and we are told she is a good girl there. Today she came home from school though and said, "I had to move tables two times today" My heart stopped. What would YOU think? I thought "what did she do?" "was she talking? Fooling around? Out of control?" Nope - there were kids eating peanut butter for snack at two tables, so they had Arlington move twice to avoid the peanut butter. But in the end, she got to sit at the table with our neighbor (and her best little buddy) so she was happy.

Finley is still sick. She still has a cold, but it isn't affecting her too much. She is still eating okay - in Finley terms anyway! It is all in her nose. She has been sick for one whole month. This happened the last time she was in daycare. It may be awhile before we are on the other side of all of this. Poor baby. She has been doing great at school. She does fall and hurt herself a lot - so clumsy. She got a cut yesterday when she fell on the playground. The daycare workers think she is funny - and her file is getting thick!

Cainan is doing great. He has speech therapy at school again today. Daycare said he has made a little boy friend, and we think that is great! He is such a loner when he plays most of the time, that it is nice to see cooperative play. He also went pee-pee on the potty at school today! Whoo hoo! First time! We are proud. He was too! He came running out to me when I got there and said "pee-pee on the potty!" He was excited. It is nice to see that next summer all of this will be behind us and the kids will be out of diapers. Yeah!

Well, like I said - no pictures. I promise more on Saturday! Good night!

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