Saturday, September 13, 2008

First full week of school

This was both Arlington, the babies and my first full week of school. It actually went by very quickly! We did have one downside - Arlington was pretty sick on Thursday night into Friday. Thursday night she had a stomach bug (and I will spare you the details), but it kept her up until about 11pm. She felt better Friday morning - no fever, and wanted to go to school. So I sent her and she kept her meals light. But by 2pm, she did have to go and see the school nurse because she wasn't feeling well. She used the bathroom and felt better. It did last until Friday evening, but she has been fine all day today. I guess she had a little stomach bug. Poor little girl. I am glad she has felt better today.

Finley is doing well. She still has a runny nose, but it is mild. I have a feeling she will have that awhile if it is anything like the last time she attended daycare. But she is feeling and acting fine, which is a plus.

Cainan also has a runny nose. It doesn't seem to be bothering him, either. He still hasn't started speech therapy. I called Easter Seals 4 times this week, and finally got a human being on Friday. She told me that my case worker was on vacation all week, but that they would call Monday to set up a start date. I complained that it was supposed to start September 1st, but she didn't have an answer for that. So hopefully I will get him started with that this week.

My job is still going well. The kids are a hoot. I have heard some real zingers this week from the little ones! It has been fun. I have a fondness for most of the teachers and staff, and love being able to work with them to keep the kids in class. I have a few favorite students, and a few frequent visitors! I have a diabetic patient that I see several times a day and he is hysterical. He is a 3rd grader and tells me the funniest stories. I am officially off of orientation and ready to be on my own. I will miss the person who was orienting me, though! She was good company during the day.

This weekend has been pretty productive! I cleaned the playroom - like really cleaned it throwing things away and reorganizing. It felt good! And we did some grocery shopping and some TV shopping. I don't know if I mentioned - our main TV bit the dust this week. I am sad in a way because we really weren't looking to by a TV right now. This TV was 8 years old and has moved about 6 times, so I think it has done pretty well for us. We did some shopping today and will do a little more research tonight and then buy a new TV. I didn't realize it was only flat screens now. How out of the loop am I?

I have been hooked on a book series lately. Has anyone out there read Stephanie Meyer's series that starts with Twilight? It is pretty good. I am on the third of 4 books. I have been listening to the last two as books on CD and that has been entertaining to and from work on my 30 minute a way drive. I think the books are pretty good. There are no Harry Potters, but if you are looking for a light read, these are fun. I am looking forward to the movie "Twilight" that is coming out in November

I have a few pictures below. Now that I am working I have been bad about taking pictures. I need to get better!

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The Kovalls said...

You like Twilight? You are like my students! I read the first one this summer and didn't like it enough to read on. But, at least they are getting people reading :-)