Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The good, the cute, the weird, and the sad

The Good:

First, I wanted to start with an update on Mat's dad. He is doing well. He had his surgery first thing on Monday morning and was done in what I felt was record time. The doctor said he did really well, and he is now on the road to recovery. Our prayers were answered. Thank you to all of you who were thinking of him yesterday. Today he is out of the ICU and in a regular room. He has been a little out of it, but is getting better and better. As the anesthesia wears off, and they start weaning him from those good drugs, he will be more with it. We are looking forward to seeing him at home next week.

The pictures in this post are for my Father in law and mother in law during their long hospital stay. It is faces of the kids. Finley is making a ton of faces because she doesn't want to eat her peas (I personally can not blame her). Arlington wanted to get in on the action, and Cainan - well - he will do whatever we ask him to do. :) Ben, these are pictures to make you smile at your goof ball grandchildren.


The cute:

Sunday was a wonderful Mother's Day. I was woken by my first baby - the one who made me a mother 6 years ago. Arlington was excited to give me my mother's day gifts. From school she had made me a pot with flowers in it. They were artificial flowers so “I don't have to remember to water them”. Good thinking. And she also made a book. She wrote a whole little story which went like this:

"My mom looks like me. My mom takes care of me when I am sick. My mom likes to shop in Stop N Shop. My mom likes to clean. My mom is a nurse."

Okay - so, some of those things are true. But I do not like to grocery shop and I HATE to clean. I LIKE it clean, but I want someone else to do it. But Arlington liked that she made a rhyme.

And then she had to fill out the following questions. Here are the questions and her answers:

My mom likes to: shop
She smiled when I: came to her work.
Her favorite food is: shells with cheese and sauce on top
Her favorite TV show is: almost every big kid show and sometimes she watches movies with
I help my mom: make my bed sometimes.
My mom likes to go to: "G's" house and talk with his mom.
I love it when my mom: lets me go for a walk in the woods with daddy.

What a hoot!! Okay - I do like to shop. I would prefer to spend other people's money, though. I love to shop for the kids! My favorite food is NOT shells with cheese and sauce. That is Arlington's favorite food (she likes pasta with Alfredo sauce). The rest - all true. :) She loves to go exploring in the woods.

My second baby - this is what she said to me when she gave me my mother's day present she made me at school: “I need to keep my flower”. See, she hasn't really gotten the whole giving thing. She and Cainan planted flowers for mother's day and gave them to me in a pot. BUT – Finley didn't really want to give it up. It was hers. Cainan was clueless. We had a wonderful day together. We were outside the entire day. Our yard is looking awesome now that the grass is cut, and the weeds are pulled. And the playset moved forward a few more steps. The cursed roof is on!! It was so hard. Mat and I woke up sore Monday from putting that thing on the playhouse. But I really believe we have turned a playhouse corner, and soon........it will.......be done (gasp!!!) I am setting next weekend as a goal for finishing it, but we will see.

Monday was day one of this weeks activities. We have quite a few. We had more, but Daisy Scouts was canceled for Tuesday. Monday was T-ball for Arlington. This week they decided to NOT use the T. Now, there was a limit to the number of times they let the kids swing at the ball before they brought the T back, however, the game lasted a whole half and hour longer this way. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't 55 degrees during the game. I was freezing! But Arlington had a blast and actually hit the ball without the T's assistance. That was a miracle in itself. But the kids are getting better. This was a big step.

Monday Arlington and I finished her latest book. We have been reading about Harry Houdini. When she and Mat went to 6 Flags, she rode a ride about Harry Houdini, and she was really curious about him. I think I have mentioned this before, but I am too lazy to scan my post to find out. Anyway, she came home wondering how he died, and about his brother, and his magic, etc. So first we looked him up on the internet and found out that he died of appendicitis. Then she wanted to know if there was a book about his life. I found this book:

And found that my school library had it. So I brought it home and we read it together. She loved it! And it was a good book. This author has written books for her age about several historical people, so I am going to check out a few more. Now we are reading about Ben Franklin and Mark Twain. The kite and the key caught her interest and -of course - we have to read about the greatest writer of all time. It is where Finley's name came from anyway. (her name is Finley Sawyer for those of you who don't know).

It was fun reading these books together. We are also going to watch a TV special that David Copperfield did back when he was popular. I saw him once and his show is really fun, so I think she would really like it. She wants to see some of the tricks (now that she understands that they are just that) to see if she can figure out how they are done. Too funny.


The weird:

When we were talking about historical figures she might be interested in, we talked about how mail used to be delivered by horse. (don't ask how we got there). So Arlington said:
“and before THAT – remember mommy, they got around by boogies”
Me: what?
Arlington: boogies. Remember – that is how people got around.
Me: you mean BUGGIES?
Arlington: right. That was before horses
Me: no, Arlington. The horses pulled the buggies. How did you think the buggies moved?
Arlington: by cow.
Me: um, no.

That girl is too much. We saw the cows pulling the plows in Williamsburg, so she thought they pulled the people too. Maybe they did.....


In other news:

Finley and Cainan are doing well. Cainan's evaluation by our Elementary School was today. We will be getting another meeting scheduled here in the near future to discuss their findings and then we can plan for his next year's preschool. So we will know soon where he will be going. I feel confident that even if he doesn't get to go to our elementary school's preschool program, he will be going to a better program than what he is in now.

Finley said something funny in the car on Monday. On the way to school EVERYDAY, I remind the kids that I expect good behavior, nice to their friends, on and on and on. (so many rules). :) I say to Arlington, “and you are going to be really good in Kindergarten today”. Finley, the boss pipes in “and not scooch around - sit still”. Arlington and I cracked up at this. What a little boss! She has also taken to calling Cainan "buddy". She will say "okay buddy?" "come here buddy". She thinks he is her baby. Or her pet. I am not sure which.

No Daisy scouts today, but Cainan did have a check up on his ear from last weeks infection. Looks good and we will be finished with his ear drops by Thursday. It was just he and I when we went to the doctors. He has really become a chatty little thing. He was going on and on about this thing or that. I remember the days where Cainan and I could ride 2 hours in the car and he wouldn't make a peep! It is nice to see him making that change in his personality.

The sad:

One last thing - we would like to express our deepest sympathy to Mat's family in the loss of their daughter, sister, cousin - Audrie. She has been sick for quite awhile and we found out that she passed away this morning. So to Aunt Joan, Megan, Elaine, Tracy, all of you. We are deeply, deeply sorry for your loss. I have been following Audrie's journey with cancer for the last year and hoping for a good outcome. Our prayers and thoughts are with you during this difficult time.

I will see you on Saturday.

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