Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Have Job, will travel

This is starting to become the story of Mat's life. He has traveled just about every month since Christmas. I really hate it. I hate when he is gone, I hate that I can't stay by myself, hate, hate hate. This time he is all the way across the country. There is talk of another trip next month to Ireland. Ugh! With his last job I thought he traveled a lot when he was gone 3 times a year. But now? I would give anything for that to be the case.

I know that Mat doesn't love the travel any more than I do. I think he is looking forward to taking a break from it. I am up next - I am going to a School Nursing conference in June for 5 days. I can't wait! We are only going to Boston - not far, but it will be fun. 4 of our 5 nurses in our district are going and we are going to have a blast. It will be the first time I have been away from the kids for more than a few days. I am going to miss them and not know what to do at dinner where I don't have to tell anyone to "keep eating!"

Everyone is doing well on our end. My grandma and dad arrived safely Sunday afternoon. We went out to dinner Sunday night and then spent the evening relaxing. The kids were excited, as usual, to have company.

Monday morning Mat and I went to work and Mat left for California at 5pm. He arrived safely there about a million hours later and will be there until Thursday. Monday was typical Monday at work for me - crazy. Kids just hate coming back from a weekend. I didn't get much work done on Monday because the kids were coming in herds to the office. I had to eat lunch in my office, which I can gladly say I haven't had to do in a very long time.

I had two cute stories from kids Monday. On girl told me (after I asked her how long her stomach had been hurting her) that she has had a stomach ache for "about a month". That is a LONG time.

I also had a little boy tell me that he got a piranha fish for his fish tank over the weekend. When I asked him when he named it he said "Rainbow". Seems like a fitting name for a piranha.

Monday I flew in the door at 4:30pm, and flew right back out with Cainan who has an ear infection. He has tubes in his ears, and when his ears start to drain, we know trouble is brewing. He has been pretty lucky and has only had one other ear infection since his tubes were placed a year and a half ago. He doesn't experience any pain or fever - just the copious amounts of drainage from his ear. So, Monday I took him to the doctor, and sure enough - infected. So he is on medication for 10 days. The pediatrician's office is close to one of our favorite restaurants, so we had dinner out and were home by 7:15 to put all kiddies to bed.

Tuesday was another busy day. Today I was out of the office for meetings for two hours, then out of the BUILDING for 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon. The second part always makes my staff nervous. Such little faith they have in themselves to handle situations with the kids. They were fine, of course. I had a monthly nurse's meeting (and lunch!) today at our district's central office. It was nice. I love being together with the other nurses.

Tonight was Arlington's Kindergarten chorus concert. I apologize for the quality of the pictures. I forgot to charge my camera today and the battery was not on its best behavior. Most of the kids look possessed in most of the pictures.

But the concert was cute. It had its boring parts where the first graders read poems and the Kindergarteners had to sit and wait. But they did a really good job and it was really cute to watch.

The auditorium was packed with parents. It was great to see such a good turn out. The babies behaved well. We went out for ice cream after the concert, and everyone was in bed still by 8pm. Past bedtime, but not bad considering. At least tomorrow morning (with our company here) the kids don't have to get up early.

So that is it. I will see you Saturday!

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anymommy said...

Whew! We hardly ever travel these days and I think I miss it, but then I read this and I know how much it takes out of you. Love the pictures, as usual.