Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If a tree falls in the woods.....

And it lands in your back yard and where your cars MIGHT have been parked (if your stellar wife wasn't thinking ahead), does it make a giant mess???

Answer is yes.

I had asked Mat to remove a few trees for me on our property that were shading some of my beloved plants. “No problem” he states. So on Sunday, “Woodsman Mat” decides to cut down said trees. He started with a tree in the woods near his garden. The chain saw got stuck in the tree there, and I should have known we were in trouble. He was ready to cut down the tree close to the house.

So I said, “Maybe I should move the cars”
He said “no, it will be fine. It is going to fall into the WOODS, not into the YARD”.
But I moved them anyway.
Good thing. Said tree did NOT fall into the woods. It fell down across the yard, across the stone wall........

And onto the driveway. Where – if I didn't move the cars – that would have been the end of them.

Oh, and the chain saw broke.
The end.

So we spent the rest of Sunday working on cutting the tree into tiny little movable pieces. We now have a lot of wood for our fire pit.

The kids are doing well. I am sorry about the lack of pictures. Sunday Arlington had another birthday party. She had a lot of fun. It was at a local park which also had a water section. It was a fun afternoon. The rest of the day was spent with us all playing outside. It was a beautiful day and we were happy to spend it outdoors.


Monday was Arlington's last T-ball game. She really did have fun this season, and she will be playing rookies next year I am sure. The kids all got a T-ball pin and a game ball. They were so excited. The game lasted forever. We didn't get home until almost 8pm. Ah well. Last one.

Today was a busy day at work for me. I had three IEP/PPT meetings this morning all in a row. 3 hours of meetings can suck the life right out of you. Then after school I had a 3 hour CPR renewal class. Fun times, fun times.

Our internet has been out since Sunday. We have no idea why. The repair man was supposed to be here between 4-6pm. He came at 8:30. That was so ridiculous. We called several times. Who knows what happened. But now it is all good again.

My funny story this week doesn't come from what a kid said, but what a parent said. I had a parent call me yesterday to say her daughter wouldn't be coming to school because she had WAY too much iced tea to drink the night before and she was still sleeping it off.

You can't make this stuff up, folks.

So that is all for now. I will be better with pictures. Have a great week and I will see you Saturday!

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