Saturday, October 8, 2011

A full day

Today we had a very busy day.  It started this morning with Finley attending her first birthday party for a classmate.  She was so excited.  She has been talking about it all week.  This morning she was in our room at 7am asking if it was time for the party.  It was really cute.

On the way to the party, she got a little nervous she wouldn't know anyone there.  But when we got there and she saw her classmates, she jumped right in and I didn't see her again until the party ended.  She has made a couple of really great girlfriends at school and they took her and took off.  It was awesome.  They know all about Finley's vision and are just so sweet with her.  And Finley can hold her own.

I got a chance to meet other mommies and it was great.  Being new is always hard, but several mom's walked right up and introduced themselves and we had a great time getting to know each other during the party.  But the end of the party we had set up several playdates for our kids to get together and I look forward to getting to know these ladies more.

After the party we came home for lunch and then the neighbor girls came to play.  I had 6 kids here this afternoon playing so well in the yard.  Such sweet neighbors we have - we are so lucky.  I LOVE that they just come over and play.  That the girls can safely go between houses to see each other.  Cainan joined in the fun today.  They played all day in the yard until I had to force my kids in for dinner.  It was great.

Today in the yard I moved most of the stones that were in the front of the yard to the back to build our firepit with next year.  I started raking out the backyard which is going to take forever and will in now way be done before it gets cold.  I mowed the back yard.  We are getting there.  Now that the front yard is nearly where it is going to be for this year - it is time to get some things done in the back.  We aren't going to do much - most of the hard work will be done by professionals next year.

This evening Arlington and I watched the 6th Harry Potter movie.  We finished the book last night and she was anxious to see the movie.  And now it is on to book 7.  I love how much she has enjoyed this story - I can't believe we are almost done with the series.

After the kids went to bed, I also made a few more braille items from my recent orders.  I have three more to go and then I will be caught up.  so get me those orders!  I am ready to make some more!  Here are some pictures of the recents:

This is my sister in law, Tricia's bag.  It says "Mrs. Kovall":
I loved making the bag.  I have an order for another.  It is great to do something different.  I think it came out cute.
This is my friend Maria's sweatshirt.  She brought me the sweatshirt (that is a choice!  If you bring me the product I will braille it for just $5) and wanted it to say "Go Tigers"
I had a little trouble getting the sweatshirt to lay straight - I promise the words are NOT going downhill!  They are not crooked. :)
This is a zipped fleece that says "Pitt".
It pained me a little to make it since I am a WVU fan, but I sacrificed.
This is for a set of twins:  Aren't they cute?  They say their names.
So order your item!  Shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, bags, hats - whatever you think of!  Rhinestones or fabric paint!  Boys and girls!  Men and women!  Help us spread braille awareness by looking fabulous and having something unique.

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