Friday, October 21, 2011


Well - he is finally here!  This morning Mat and I and Cainan went to pick him up.  He has had a pretty good day.  He is pretty quiet inside - doesn't like to be far from us.  Outside, he sticks with us, or will follow us, but he has a great time outside.  He seems to be more himself out there.  But overall, it was a great first day.  We finally got him to eat something, he went to the bathroom ONLY outside, and only cried a little bit (which happened mostly during his bath).  The kids have been following him around and babying him all day.  He is going to be completely spoiled.
I will be anxious to see what he is REALLY like in about a week when he comes out of his shell.  We thought our last dog was calm and mild mannered until she got used to us.  Then she was crazy.  At least outside.  Goldendoodles are known to be calm, easy going dogs, so let's hope that rings true for our little guy.
So here are some pictures I took today.  Sorry some of them are a little blurry.  I realized I didn't have the right setting on after a few pictures.  Enjoy!
 Cainan gives him a little pat:

 He looks a lot like the poodle in him here:

 After a bath.  He got really curly!:

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