Friday, January 18, 2013

Another week of being MIA

Man!  I am getting bad!  This week has been me using every free second to search businesses and get things ready to go in the mail for our first round of mailings for Finley's June race.  It is sucking up all my time, but I don't mind.  I am getting excited to get things moving.

One thing that has already arrived for our raffle is pretty exciting.  We received in the mail the other day a Signed Master Chef Apron and Master Chef Cookbook from Christina Ha.  Christina was the winner of Master Chef this year, and - if you remember from my previous post about her - she is blind.  She is a huge inspiration to our family.  We have been in contact back and forth for several months, and she is about the sweetest person on the planet.

I am so excited to have these items for our auction.  So if you are a Master Chef fan - you are going to want to bid on this:

Other things are coming in as well, but I will save those for when we get packages all together.  Another great raffle to look forward too.

Today I had two of my "mommy friend's" daughters here to help me stuff envelopes.  We send out tons and tons of request for products and monetary donations for our events, and packing all those envelopes is very time consuming.  The girls were a huge help.  It took us about 3 hours, but we got most of it done.  One of the girl's asked to take her remaining pile home, and I finished the rest.  The girls were really funny, and I was very grateful for their help.
 This week we also had another snow storm.  It wasn't too bad - we got about 5-6 inches, but because of the timing of the storm school was canceled.  Which was not awesome because Mat was in New York City for the day.  Once the snow stopped in the afternoon, I chased the kids outside to play, and our wonderful neighbor came over and plowed our driveway.  So by the time Mat got home that evening, the kids were good and tired and the drive was clear.

That is the story of my week.  Well - I worked Monday and about died there, and then spent the rest of the week......working.  And volunteering.  It is hard to believe it is the weekend again.  And a 3 day one at that.

Enjoy a few random pictures of the kids!

Finley put her hood up for some reason:

 Brother and sister hanging out together:
 What Finley's hair looks like in the morning:

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Anonymous said...

that's cool to be getting finley's things together for her walk. More walks means more research. lol!

Happy, happy happy!

your friend,