Monday, January 7, 2013

In the works

School is back in full swing now, and we are recovering from the holidays.  Looking forward to the snow melting, the weather getting warmer, and the flowers starting to bloom to get us through the last two months of winter.

This is the time of year that planning begins for our biggest event for Finley.  This year, we are planning two.  Because we have gone completely crazy.

This year we have decided it is time to do an event in the town where we live.  We think we have finally found the right town for that, and we were right.  The support has been amazing.  I hope we never have to move.

I am starting with that event first because we are having that one in June.  June 15th for anyone who lives close to us here in Massachusetts.  I am really looking forward to it.  We are going to mimic our event we have in Connellsville because it has been so successful.

I am starting to find, though, how spoiled I was to have my parent's - who have lived in that town for 40 years - connections.  Really, my friend and Maria and I started doing leg work for this race in September.  Site, tents, tables, garbage pick up, bathroom facilities, timer, music, food......all things that come so easy to us after 4 years of doing Finley's race in Connellsville became quite a "to do" here.

But we did it.  I am proud.  We got all the big things settled, and most for low cost to no cost thanks to come very generous folks.

So - we are on our way.  I am lining up some young people to stuff envelopes and help us advertise at the beginning of next month, and people are signing up to volunteer.  At our Bunco fundraiser we had last Friday (which made $1000 for our Foundation by the way) I handed out "what we need help with" forms to all of the guest and people were so willing to help us get this fundraiser done.

Small town.  Big hearts.

I have had some people ask me about Finley's vision and if it is improving.  I was to state - sadly - that Finley's diagnosis does not allow her vision to get better.  She will never be better without a cure.  She will lose more and more vision until it is completely gone.  Nothing will save her sight besides a cure for her disease.  This is why we work so hard.  We have a very small window to stop her from going blind, so we push with all of our might.

Never under estimate the power of a parent. 


Anonymous said...


It's good to hear that you all are going to have Finley's race soon. That is such good being that much closer to the CURE!
I am sure soon it's path will be close at hand. In God's perfect time.

Happy year to you all,

Amber said...

Your last paragraph is so true, along with the last statement. You're family is inspiring.

There's a Liebster award for you, you can check it out here: It's something fun from one blog to another. :)