Wednesday, January 23, 2013

News and cold weather

This week is the coldest we have experienced since we moved to New England.  We were truly spoiled last winter after our "Halloween surprise snow" of 2011 to not really get any snow/cold weather for the rest of the winter.

This year - Mother Nature is back with a vengance.  She is a mean old witch when she wants to be.  Finley will tell you that she is not pleased that she is being required to wear pants every day this week due to the weather.  She is not pleased at all.  Being 5 degrees at the bus stop and a high of 11 - well.....not exactly dress weather.  Thanks Mother Nature for that.

The cold is supposed to last the rest of the week, and then we will see a break.  38!  Heat wave on Sunday!

Right now, Mat is busy writing a blog post for me.  You are going to hear from the man of the house. Eventually.  He writes a sentence or two in between reading emails, playing on his ipod, working, playing on his ipod......he has ADD.  I am sure of it.

He went to visit with our University of Michigan researcher, Dr. Thompson, on Monday.  He and Mike - another RDH12 dad - went and had a wonderful day full of meetings and question and answer sessions.  They took a tour of the lab, and got a lot of answers.  And some great news.  You will have to wait to hear, though, because I want him to tell it.  After all - he is the one who understands it best.  I just looked over at him - he is playing on his ipod.  Yeah - it is going to be awhile.

Tomorrow Arlington and Cainan are going to the orthodontist.  Arlington is in need of braces, I am afraid, and Cainan has quite the underbite.  Tomorrow is just the appointment to take a look and discuss what to do next.  Arlington is mostly worried about still being able to eat cake for her birthday in a few weeks.  She definitely has her priorities straight.

Only two pictures to share today.  I have got to get better about picking up my camera for every day cuteness.  I am finding myself being lazy about this during the winter.  We don't leave the house much after school, so I feel like we don't have anything to photograph.  But that isn't true.  I need to remember that this blog is a journal for our family, and I don't even want to miss out on the mundane.

Finley had a playdate on Sunday.  She and "A" spent some time painting their nails:
 Finley wanted to have a party for Rosie on Saturday.  Arlington was at a playdate, and Cainan was at Kumon with Mat.  Mat took Scooby along for the ride, and Finley felt that Rosie was lonely.  So she did this to her:

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Anonymous said...

jan 24, 13

Oh how cute is that. Finley is such a cutie.

Also, today on the Steve Harvey show a legally blind teen with stargardts' was shown because she is the 1st legally blind runner in a merathon run. Her name is Sami. It's a little insperation for your day.