Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last Friday the littles had Crazy Hair day at school.  Finley was really excited about this.  She wanted about 50 ponytails in her hair, but had to settle for 9.

Cainan's hair was a bit tougher.  He has such dark hair - nothing I used showed up very well.  He has silver and blue in his hair, but you can't tell in the picture.  He looks like he has bed head.

This weekend we bunny sat our friend's bunny while they were away at a wedding.  The bunny was really sweet, and the kids loved her.  We had her out playing with her a few times over the weekend, and she liked hopping around the house.  No we are not getting another pet.  We will just bunny sit her whenever we get a chance!

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Anonymous said...

jan 27th, 2013

Hi everyone,
Cute hair
I loved crazy hair day when I was in school! I used to have very long hair and my mom would always make it really crazy. I love bunny too~ especially ones with flopsy ears...cute! have fun!

Your Friend,