Friday, July 17, 2015

First day in Washington DC

This summer we are spending a few days in Washington DC before we join Mat's family in North Carolina for our "every other year" trip with them.  It is a very long drive for us from Massachusetts, so now we stop a few days on either side of the trip there and back and make a little vacation out of it.

This year - Washington DC for two days before and two days after.

Today was a busy day.  We got into DC late last night after fighting traffic, but we were up early this morning.  I had gotten us tickets for the 9am tour for Ford's Theater (where Lincoln was shot).  This is a very popular tour, so I am glad I got the tickets ahead of time.

It was a good tour.  The kids got Junior Ranger booklets that they filled out while we walked around the museum.  Then we went into the theater to hear the story of the night Lincoln was shot.

 Here is the box where he was shot.  The chiars in the box are still original:
This tour of books is all the books that have been written on Lincoln to date.

Once that was over, we went across the street to see the house where Lincoln died.  The story was - they didn't want him to die at the theater.  The first thought was to take him to the bar next door, but the barman said he didn't think that was a good idea, so they took him across the street to a boarding house.  They wanted him to be in a comfortable bed to pass away.

After that tour, we got some lunch and made our way back to the hotel to drop off our stuff.  We had been approved for a White House tour (which we had to book through our Congressman 6 months ago), but you can't take any bags into the White House.  We are staying only 2 blocks away from the White House, so it was a quick walk back to our tour.  We took a few pictures outside and then went

And of course - because we are traveling with Mat - the travel jinx - when we had to check in with the White House - the Congressman's staff had typed his birthday in wrong.  So because they didn't match he had to go through some extra measures so that he could be confirmed that he is who he said he was.  It was pretty funny.  And so not unexpected.

It only took a few extra minutes and we were on our way.  On July 1st, the White House lifted its ban on taking pictures inside which was awesome.  Arlington was hoping we would see the dogs - ha ha.  But we enjoyed the tour.  We saw many original pieces dating back to John Adams.  The President and First Lady were having an event tonight, so we were lucky we got the tour in before they closed the White House for that.  The kids also got Junior Ranger books there as well, which was fun.  Cainan  enjoyed following along on the map as we moved from room to room.

 The vase on the table belongs to John and Abigail Adams.

 The room where they serve large dinners

 The front hallway where the President and First Lady receive guest. 

 Outside on the front porch of the White House.

After the White House we took our time, got some ice cream, and walked to the Bureau of Printing and Engraving - our last scheduled tour of the day.  This one also had to be booked through our Congressman 6 months ago.

The kids really liked this tour because it is where they print the money.  Finley decided this is where she wants to work when she grows up.  She was practically drooling as the money rolled by on the belts.

Finley thought this display was the best ever.
 The new $100 bill

We could take pictures inside.

After the Moola tour, we went to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial since we were on that part of the Mall.  It was HUGE.  I didn't realize they were so big.  It has been awhile since I have been in DC.  We stayed there and relaxed for a little while, then left to get some dinner.

this one is for my mom - we are eating dinner.

After dinner, it was late, so we headed back to the hotel for the night.  We have another busy day planned for tomorrow!

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