Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lake Norman days 2 and 3

I am desperately trying to read a book the size of the Bible here this week, so I haven't been on the computer much.  But we have had a fun two days of swimming, movies, and boating, that I thought I better catch up.

Tuesday the we swam all morning in the lake.  In the afternoon, it thunderstormed, so we took the kids to a movie.  (Some to Ant Man, some to Inside Out).  Today was the day with the Pontoon boat.  Everyone had a blast boating all over the lake.  Arlington got burned, though, because she was out over 8 hours, and no amount of sunscreen could stop a burn to the cheeks and shoulders on that girl.

Enjoy the pictures:

The house we are staying in.  To the right is the main house (With 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms) and to the right is the game room and another bed and bath above the garage)
Our view from the dock.

Geese came to visit
Finley lounging while Aunt Betty tows her along.
The youngest and the oldest together.  Rex fell asleep while Arlington was holding him

Tom flying a kite for the kids
Taking the Pontoon boat out - there is the house from a different angle.  It also has a hot tub and a sand volley ball court.
Addie on the boat.
Arlington and Marcail on the boat.
Olive on her first boat ride
Olive letting the wind blow her hair
The house.  It is crazy big.
Finley on the boat
Cainan on the boat
A beautiful house just being built.
Olive wants to drive the boat
Sweet Addie

Addie was getting sleepy

Marcail enjoying the boat
4 girls riding a boat
Lincoln and Aunt Betty on the boat
Mat and Arlington on the tube behind the boat

Mat and Finley on the tube behind the boat.  She loved it.

Arlington being a ham

Jonathan and Marcail take a turn

Mat takes Cainan.  He really loved it

Even the oldest needs a nap

Finley and Marcail are only 8 months apart:
Mat was splashing Cainan - he thought that was great

Lincoln taking a boat nap

Aunt Betty went for a ride on the tube:

Kids took turns standing and jumping off the tube while we were anchored

Jumping off the boat

Even Aunt Betty jumped in.
This was my spot on the boat.  I was good.


Shayla McCartney said...

Fun was had great!
Have a nice weekend and week !

Friend, Shayla

Shayla McCartney said...

What an adorable picture of Arlington holding her cousin! Awe! so cute :)

Take care

Shayla M.