Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Lake Norman day 4

Our last full day in Lake Norman was last Thursday.  (Sorry - I got busy and haven't had a chance to blog!)

That day was the day we rented jet skis.  We had 3 of them this year because the kids are getting older and everyone wants a turn (but has to go with an adult).  The kids love this day (as do many of the adults)

Enjoy the pictures

Mat takes Finley for a ride:

 Jonathan takes Marcail:
 Tom takes Eli:

 Jonathan and Marcail:

 Mat and Cainan:
 Allison and Marcail:
 Gramma and Olive:
 Finley and Gabe swim around while waiting for their turn:

 Teen and Reese:
 Teen and Addie:
 Arlington and Mat:
 Carrie took Eden for a short ride:
 Pappy and Cainan:
 Jonathan and Silas:

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