Friday, July 31, 2015

Leaving Lake Norman - Family Picture Day

Before we left last Friday, we took some family pictures.  This day is fun, but just as crazy as me trying to get the grandchildren to take pictures on the stairs.


The granddaughters
 Cainan and Gabe:
 The grandsons:
 The grandparents
 Arlington holding Jet:
 Finley sitting with Gramma and Pappy:
 My babies:
Our family.  Don't look to close - we are dressed to travel and not looking so great: 
 My kids with Gramma and Pappy
 A behind the scenes look at what it takes to get 14 children to cooperate for a photo.  
 But look!  End result (and 1 million shots later) only two are crying!
 Gramma and Pappy with their babies:
 Arlington and Eden
 Marcail and Finley
 After a traumatic photo experience, you just need a hug from Gramma:
 On the dock:
 The big kids (and Aunt Betty):
 Saying goodbye is so hard:

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