Thursday, July 30, 2015

The succession of Grandchildren

Thursday evening, I decided I would like to take pictures of all the grandchildren on Mat's side.  It sounded so good in my head - all the kids would line up and look cute and it would be like a Pottery Barn ad.

It was more like an add for child abuse.

But we pulled it off, so here are the pictures:

In Feb. 2003 - Arlington was born becoming the first grandchild:
 In November, 2005, Marcail came along and Arlington was so happy to have a cousin:
 There were two.  Two sweet girls:
 And the love grew:
 In July, 2006 - Along came Finley.  a 3rd girl in a very heavy boy family.  We felt pretty lucky:
 Three sweet girls:
 And the love grew:
 Born in June 2006, but not joining the family until August 2007 - the first grandson - Cainan:
 A boy at last!
 In October 2007 - along came Gabe:
 Now there are 5!  Will the boys catch the girls?
 In 2009 - along came Eli - another boy:
 3 boys and 3 girls:
In December 2009, we got another girl - Reese.  What a great Christmas present she was: 
 You see that face Reese is making?  This is how she felt about sharing a stair with Eli.  My vision was totally lost on these kids:
 Then in 2010 - we got Silas.  Look at his face!  He did NOT want his picture taken.
 Look how many we have now!  8 kids in 8 years - not too shabby:
 We got this little handsome fellow - Jet - in September 2011.  Another boy!
 Don't they look thrilled?  Quick call Pottery Barn.
 On New Year's day 2013 - we got this little firecracker, Addie.
 We are starting to lose control.  Did I say starting?
 In Feb. 2013 - we got Lincoln.  He didn't want his picture taken either.
 Super thrilled about sharing a stair:
 Well - they are all still ON the stairs, right?  That is a plus - right?
 These little sweetie joined the family in May 2014.  Little Olive
 She is saying "where did all of you people come from?"
 Then in June 2014 - we got this little Sunshine - Eden
 And last - but certainly not least because he is the happiest baby on the planet - in October 2014, we got Rex:
All 14 grandchildren - 7 boys and 7 girls.

But the fun isn't over.  In December 2015 - Jess and Tom will welcome a little boy - breaking the tie and making it 7 girls and 8 boys.  

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