Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2nd part of Pennsylvania vacation

We left my in-laws house on Monday night the 17th and headed to Connellsville to spend the week helping my parents get ready for Finley's event.

We did sneak in some fun while we were there.  We did some back to school shopping, had a few dinners out at our favorite restaurants, and went to Falling Water (Frank Lloyd Wright's house he built for the Kaufmanns).

Enjoy the pictures:  Sorry some are blurry - I had to use my phone and it hates me:

Starting to lay out the almost 1200 golf balls that we sold for Finley's event
 We had breakfast with my Aunt Sally and Cathy one morning.:
 Testing where we are going to put the hole for the golf ball drop:
 Falling Water.  It is not far from our house.  It was built in the 30's by Frank Lloyd Wright for the Kaufmann family.  It is one of his last remaining houses that is still fully furnished.  We couldn't take pictures inside:

 Our tour guide was the daughter of one of my very good friends growing up:

 FINALLY - a good one:

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