Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Last day in Washington DC

On Monday we left Washington DC, but not without one more stop.  We had made an appointment with Elizabeth Warren's office.  We wanted to talk to them about the funding (or lack there of) for Rare Disease and about Finley.

The Senate office is wide open.  All that stands between you and them is a metal detector and bag check.  I was surprised that you can just walk right into any of the offices.  You don't need an appointment.  Now granted - most of the senators are not there on a daily basis.  Just their helpers/underlings.  But still.  It was pretty cool.

We met with Ashley - the health advisor in Senator Warren's office.  She took a lot of information and Mat spoke very eloquently about our feelings on the funding coming out of NIH.  It was a good end to our time in Washington

The square by the Senate offices:
 Washington DC train station - I thought it was pretty:
 Art work in the main area of the Senate building:
 Ed Markey's office - our 2nd senator from Massachusetts:

 Outside Elizabeth Warren's office:
 The main receiving area inside her office:

 Ashley and Finley:
 We got to see Senator Warren's office:

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