Sunday, August 2, 2015

Washington DC - second weekend

After leaving Lake Norman, we returned to Washington DC for Saturday-Monday.  It is a nice equal distance between the lake and our house, so I am glad we used the extra time we had to make a vacation out of our nation's capitol.

This second weekend was all about the museums.  On Saturday we hit up the Air and Space museum and the Natural History Museum (my personal favorite).  The kids did GREAT.  I am glad we decided to use this second weekend for indoor things because it was 100 degrees all weekend.

This post I will put the pictures from Saturday in Washington DC

Having breakfast before leaving the hotel.  The hotel had a great continental breakfast every morning
 Cainan in a helicopter and the Air and Space Museum:
 We always thought the streets were pretty uncrowded and found that surprising.  Then we went into the museums (which in Washington DC are all free) and discovered where everyone was hiding)
 Pretending to be in a hot air balloon
 Amelia Earhart's actual plane
 Cainan in front of the Pride of St. Louis:

 Silly boy:
 Eating space ice cream.  Kids loved it.  We thought it tasted like styrofoam:

 We walked through a sculpture park on our way to the Natural History Museum
 64 million year old wood.  So cool
 Cainan sharing food with a Neanderthal:

 Arlington showing that she is 66% related to a banana:
 THE hope diamond.  Finley was drooling over this:
 A recently discovered Dinosaur bone from Montana.  About 62 million years old
 Watching a 3D movie on Dinosaurs:
 Your taxes say hi
 Mat and I outside the Bill Clinton Federal Building:
 Having dinner at a cute little dive called Ollie;s

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i'm so happy you are all seeing such awesome places and thinks!

I like the pictures!
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