Monday, August 3, 2015

Weekend Two in Washington DC

On Sunday we hit up the American History Museum (which we all loved) and the Museum of Fine Art (which mostly Mat loved).  We wanted to go to the Holocaust museum, but they get so packed that you have to get tickets ahead of time.  Next time.

The ADA had a large display at the American History Museum:
 This was the original statue for George Washington.  Many people didn't like that he wasn't fully clothed, so they took it down and now it sits in the museum:
 My kids got a kick out of the old Apple computers:

 Being silly in front of an old bicycle:

 We had this house when I was a kid:
 American Flag made out of legos
 Being silly:
 Large train in the museum:

 Silly girl at lunch:
 First Ladies dress displays:

 Michelle Obama's dress:
 Mary Todd Lincoln's dress:
 The hat president Lincoln was wearing when he was shot:

 Fine Art's museum:
 Mat loves art, so I apologize for all the pictures:

 This is Daniel in the Lion's Den:

 Look what we found!  Giverny by Monet.  Last summer Finley was actually standing on that bridge in France:
 Monet's gardens - we were there too:

 Van Gogh Self Portrait

 We were very pleased to see these:

 Enjoying art and not dying:
 George Washington and his family:
 Playing in the fountains after the museums:
 My new shirts:

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