Saturday, February 2, 2008

20 months old today

Today our little man is 20 months old! We can't believe it! He was 14 1/2 months old when we first met, and now he has changed so much! He is talking and walking (well, running) and doing so well. He LOOKS completely different, let alone BEING completely different! Time is going by so fast, and soon he will be turning two! Wow.

We have had a pretty good week. Not a lot of pictures, I am afraid! I put my camera away while I was cleaning and kept forgetting to take it out. Sorry about that! I need to just leave it out, so I can grab it at a moments notice.

Thursday Cainan has speech therapy. That went just fine. He was talking a little more to the therapist this week. She got to hear him make a "p" sound, which she was pleased with. Now we are working on getting him to BLOW through a straw and blow bubbles. He is just blowing air through his nose instead of his mouth. We are pinching his nose when he blows so he gets the idea. He thinks that is funny. We are working on the letter "A". Finley doesn't seem to care about the letters of the alphabet, so I am going to try Cainan instead! He seems to be able to find it when I ask, so that is a start! It is hard to teach two at a time when they both learn so different.

Arlington has added another 10 or so words to her list. She is doing really great. She is getting praised daily by her pre-K teacher, and Arlington can't wait to be reading whole books on her own. She goes around recognizing words at school and while we are out, and when we read - it is fun to watch. We have been reading a fairies series set of books, and she has decided that fairies are definitely real. Ahhhh, to be 4 1/2

Finley - well the girl is getting some teeth so she has been murder to deal with lately. She only wants me or her sister. And mostly, she wants her sister. She goes from being happy and relaxed to crying and whining in a moments notice. Her gums are swollen and she just is having a miserable time with them. I wish they would hurry up! I can't take much more of her up and down moods! :) She said her first three word sentence "sissy not nice". Arlington gave her a little shove because Finley was bothering her, so she said that. It was funny. She has been saying more and more two word sentences. She is talking up a storm. We are working on colors. She seems to know "yellow". She can also count to three. She also now knows circle. We are getting there!

This week we had our grout cleaned and boy it looks nice now! I didn't realize how dirty it was until someone came in and cleaned it! I have cleaned it myself before, but to clean nearly 1600 square feet of grout in our downstairs is quite the task. So this time we opted to have it done by a professional, who - in three hours time, completed what took me over a month before! Hopefully it will stay looking nice for a little while. I am pretty diligent about no shoes in the house, so we will see! We also rented a cleaner and did the carpets! It didn't take out the stains as well as I wanted, but did seem to get the general dirt out. It is always nice to "spring clean".

Our lawn mower decided to bite the dust this week. So unfortunate! We bought a new one and Mat mowed the grass this morning and has it on the wrong setting and basically "plowed" our back yard. Yes, it looks pretty bad! But we have St. Augustine grass, which is code for weeds here in Florida, so it will grow back in about 2 seconds. But, imagine my surprise when I looked out the window and saw our once beautiful green lawn now a mix of very short grass and dirt. Sigh. Live and learn. My vote - bring the gardener back! No, just kidding. What am I saying? The gardeners in Florida care as much about your lawn as they care about everything else - NOT AT ALL. We used to have a gardener and all he ever did was cut the lawn - badly. Never weeded, never mulched or fertilized, etc. All the wonderful things we PAID him for. So we decided to take over. MAt loves yard work, and is pretty good at it. Well, until today. :) And our yard was looking really beautiful! Ah well. It will grow back. I think he did it on purpose so he wouldn't have to mow for about 6 months.

Today Mat is at work, as usual for a few hours. The kids are all in bed right now taking a rest and I am trying to come up with a plan of what to cook for next week. Really exciting, huh? Tomorrow we teach Sunday school and then have to run a few errands. Mat's birthday is this week and Arlington the following, so we are making big plans! Arlington will be 5 years old in two weeks - AHHHHHH! Where did the time go? We are having big festivities for the big 5 birthday.

So, that is our week. Here are just a few pictures.
By the way - the 7th of February starts Chinese New Year. This is Cainan's first Chinese new year with us and we are excited to celebrate. Check out this link if you want to learn a little about the Chinese New Year and what it means to the Chinese culture. Chinese New Year

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