Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Goodbye Grammy, Papa and Gigi! See you soon!

My parents and grandma left this evening and headed back to Pennsylvania. They were sad to be leaving the 80 degree weather because tonights weather was supposed to be 18 degrees when they land! That doesn't sound fun. Yesterday, here, it was 90! It was so flipping hot I couldn't believe it. That even seemed extreme for February in South Florida.

We had a nice rest of the weekend and start to the week. Sunday my dad and Mat took Arlington bowling for something special to do - just the three of them. Arlington had a great time! It was the first time she had ever gone. Mat got her a ramp to roll the ball down so it was easier for her, and she got some strikes and spares that way! (oh, and the gutters had pads in them, of course!) She saw the other bowlers run up and throw the ball, and so she wanted to try that. Mat said she would run up, and dump the ball onto the ramp. Too funny. One time she tried too hard and it fell with a thud to the ground! And she tried to throw the ball like a shot put a time or two. She had a great time. She even beat my dad (or he LET her win - it isn't clear!) They had "bowling food" and were back by the time the babies were done with their nap.

Sunday night we had a small Chinese New Year celebration so that my parents and grandma had a chance to celebrate with Cainan. No Chinese outfits this time, but we did order Chinese food again and put out the decorations.

Monday Arlington didn't have school since it was President's day. We kind of lounged in the morning and took our time getting ready for the day. The kids played outside, but it was really hot, so they didn't stay out long.

Arlington had her 5 year doctor appointment Monday. She was not thrilled. She figured she was getting a shot, and she was right! She was a trooper up until the moment for the shot (she actually got three) and she kind of flipped out. Mat had to hold her still - she kept trying to cover her arms. Poor thing. She got her last Polio, her last MMR, and a Chicken pox booster. So fun times ahead in 7-10 days! (she should get a little rash and fever) But she was 35 pounds and 41 inches. She has grown 2 inches since last year, but still is in like the 3%tile for height and weight. After her appointment Mat took her to get ice cream to make her feel better.

We all went to the park to play after the babies got up from their nap. It was a local park with swings and slides. We only stayed about 1 hour because it was so hot! Cainan really enjoyed the swing. He was holding on really tight, but he loved swinging back and forth as long as we didn't go too high or fast. That was good progress for him! I even got him to let go one time and give me a high five! Finley, HATES the swings for some reason and wouldn't even let us put her in one! She would much rather just roam around and do her own thing. She likes the slides as long as she doesn't go too fast! She isn't like Arlington. Arlington has been a dare devil from day one! I have always had to watch her to make sure she isn't doing something that is too big for her! She loves the playground and that took her mind off her shots.

After that we went to dinner at TGIFridays. It was a nice end to a fun week!

Today I finished the blankets for my sister in law's baby (the unborn one that is!) and helped my parents pack. We also worked on getting Cainan's information we need for taxes. Typical West Palm Beach - I went to get his social security card last week - had everything they needed an more. Do you think I got the card? NO. Of course not! I got a really nasty lady who said because his permanent resident card is in his Chinese name and everything else is in his American name, she couldn't help me. I showed her the COURT document proving he was adopted and his name was changed, but she wouldn't hear it. She gave me everything back, and told me that she couldn't help me. I called our lawyer and he said she was in the wrong, but I still don't have the number! So we are going to try and apply for his passport. See, Cainan is a "permanent resident". We have readopted him and the USA sees him as offically on his WAY to becoming a US citizen, but we need his "Certificate of Citizenship" in order for him to be an official US citizen. Well,again, West Palm Beach - we were told it will take about 6 months for that to come. We just sent everything in during December! That doesn't help us for taxes. So we are going to try and get his US passport, and that should get us his SSN, BUT the passport also takes time to come in. Sigh. I HATE FLORIDA.....I HATE FLORIDA....I HATE FLORIDA.

This afternoon after the babies got up from nap, we played a little more and then I took my parents to the airport at 5:30. It was a fun week and I am glad that they and my grandparents came! It is always nice to have the help, and Mat and I are both under the weather, so that made it even nicer! Oh, before my grandma left, she made us homemade stuffed shells. Yum......aren't you jealous?????

Here are a few pictures my parents took!

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