Sunday, February 17, 2008

Birthday festivities day #3 and #4

So the festivities continued! Friday morning Arlington woke up (late for her - 8:30) and we had chocolate chip pancakes with a candle in them for her. One of her favorite things are pancakes, but she doesn't get to have them often, so that was her treat for her birthday. She loved that! She didn't go to school today due to us getting home so late, so she liked that too! We spent the morning playing around and just letting her do what she wanted (watch a video, play some games, read some books). After an afternoon rest, which she didn't really take (but the babies did) we went to the library to get some new books and then hit her favorite restaurant for dinner. Johnny Rockets!! She loves this place. It is a little 50's diner hamburger joint that is very cute, but the big attraction is that she gets a balloon, and the employees dance while we are there. It is fun. And she can play songs in the juke box, which she loves as well. For her birthday, we took all of her presents with us for her to open while we waited for her food. She loved that. This told the waitress we were celebrating her birthday, so before we left, the waitress brought her 5 balloons AND vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup AND they sang to her. She was on cloud nine. Ahh, to be 5! It doesn't take much to be entertained.

On Saturday we spent the morning doing yard work (yuck) while Arlington and the babies played with the grandparents. My grandma flew in on Saturday so Arlington was really looking to a visit from "Gigi". (Great-Grandma) My dad picked her up and once the babies were settled into a nap, we went and picked up her cake. Arlington had a little friend who came over to play before the party - her best friend - and that helped pass the time.

At 3pm we arrived at the "Sweet and Sassy Salon". This place is VERY cool for little girl birthday parties. Arlington wore her fancy Sleeping Beauty dress again. (Thanks Aunt Betty!) This party was a gift from Mat and I, my parents and Mat's parents (well, part of her gift that is). She has so many toys, we just thought she would love this so much more - and we were right! We had 8 girls (all 4 1/2 - 5 1/2) all of Arlington's friends. They each got a princess updo, nails done, makeup, and glitter in their hair. Couldn't beat that! They all had their favorite princess costume on. Once hair and nails were done, they then each walked down a runway while they were announced (and a few things were said about each girl) and they got a princess crown and wand (they got to keep). Once the "coronation" was complete, they did the limbo, danced to music, played games, and then got to eat cake and ice cream and pizza! So fun! After they ate, they got to play one more game and dance a little more and then the party was over. It was a great success, and we didn't have to set up, or clean up! That was the best part. It was worth every penny. She got a lot of really great presents from her friends and everyone had a great time!

So that ended the birthday festivities. Below are the pictures from Friday and Saturday that we took. Enjoy!


The Kovalls said...

Wow - I want a party like that! So cute!

The Kovalls said...

Wow - I want a birthday party like that! So cute :-)