Saturday, February 16, 2008

Birthday festivities day #1 and #2

Well, Arlington's birthday all went wonderful! I cannot put all of the adventures and fun things we have done in one post because it would be way too long with too many pictures, so I decided to divide it into two days! Aren't you lucky? You know you love it.
Anyway, this post will consist of Wednesday - the day Arlington had her party and school, and Thursday, which was Valentines day and her trip to Disney. I will include her actual birthday (Friday) and the big princess party (today) in a post I will do tomorrow, so stay tuned! Even the pictures down below are numerous, so go and get a cup of coffee and settle in!

Wednesday was Arlington's party at school. My parents had arrived the night before and we had made cupcakes for her party that evening. Arlington is allergic to eggs, so therefore cannot enjoy the cake and cupcakes that usually come along with parties. But she doesn't seem to care - she is used to it! We usually bring something special for her, or she has ice cream, which she really loves! But we found a recipe last year for "eggless" cake and cupcakes. For those of you who are wondering - it is actually very good! It comes from a "diet" recipe. It is the cake mix, a can of soda (of your choice - which changes the flavor of the cake), and that is it! Can you believe? And they come out very fluffy and tasty! No oil, no eggs, no water. But it really works!

Anyway, now that I have advertised eggless cupcakes, I move on. We took these cupcakes to her school party on Wednesday which she really loved. Then Wednesday night we had a little Valentines party here at the house since we were going to be gone Thursday at Disney. The kids got presents from their grandparents and we sang happy birthday to Mat (again - his birthday was last week) because we got some ice cream cakes for dessert.

Thursday, Arlington had her Valentines party at school. She took little Valentines for all of her friends and came home with a lot of candy loot! We still have candy from Halloween, so we are never going to catch up. After the Valentines party we picked up Arlington at school and my mom and I and Arlington went out to lunch. We let her pick whatever she wanted and she chose.....McDonalds. My mom and I didn't want to eat there, so we got her food to go and went to a local Italian restaurant to eat. Then we came home for an hour, helped my dad put the two little ones to bed, and took off for Disneyworld! We live about 2 1/2 hours from Disney, so it isn't a bad drive (hence us being there ALL the time)

Disney was a lot of fun. We went up exclusively (my mom, Arlington and I) for the "Pirates and Princess Party". We could enter at 4pm and it was going on until midnight. The park was closed as of 7pm to the general public and only those who had tickets for this party could stay from 7pm-midnight. We got there around 4:30 pm and rode some rides before Arlington got dressed in her costume. She really wanted to ride Splash Mountain, but unfortunately, it was closed for repair. I was not sad because I wasn't crazy about riding it anyway! So we rode many of her other favorite rides "Peter Pan", "Small World", and two different roller coasters. Plus we ate a bunch of fun Disney world food! Yum! By 6pm she was ready to get dressed, and so we put on her Sleeping Beauty costume (thanks again Aunt Betty!) and headed out. There were little girls EVERYWHERE dressed in costumes. Even some adults were dressed in princess costumes. And the little boys (and grown up boys) were dressed as pirates - mostly from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie. We rode another ride or two before the party began at 7pm. We had a special park map that marked "character dance parties" where she could dance with different Disney characters, "treasure spots" where we had to find large "X's" (see picture below) and there she got get some treasure for her treasure bag. (they were things like beaded necklaces and jewels and stickers). They also had games where she could do things to win more treasure, which she really liked! During these parties - the characters dance with the kids - you don't have to stand in line to get your picture taken -they just spend time with the kids, which they love. At 8:30pm there was a fun parade, and at 9:30 there were fireworks and Arlington's favorite part - Tinkerbell flying down from the castle to the ground. We rode rides until 10:30pm, and then headed home. She did really well, and that is the latest we have ever made it at Disney! We were out of the parking lot by 11pm, and Arlington was asleep before we were on the main road home. We were home by 1:30am and we were VERY tired Friday morning, but we had a great time, it was worth it!

Tomorrow I will write about Arlington's birthday and her party from today. I think this is enough for right now!

Finley and Cainan are doing fine. Tuesday and Wednesday were tough for Cainan, but then after that, he has been really in no pain from his surgery. It looks fine and the swelling is almost gone, so that has to be feeling better! Finley is enjoying the extra attention she is getting from my parents and it is a nice break for me! The babies have taken great naps and sleep so well overnight because they are worn out!

Arlington had a great time over these last couple of days. She loves going to Disney. I call it the "land of matching tee shirts". For those of you who go often, you know what I am talking about. These are the families (usually large ones) who decided to make matching tee shirts so as to not lose each other while in the theme parks. They say things like "The Davidsons Do Disney 2008" or "The Smiths have gone Goofy 2008". I love seeing these shirts and I wonder, "do they wear the same shirt every day of their trip?" or have they had several made that change everyday. I think that they go with one shirt, get to the park, then BUY a large number of matching "Disney" shirts that they wear the remainder of the time. This is something my family has never done. Maybe is screams, "we hope to lose one, it won't matter". What do you think? Disneyworld puts a spell over people that makes them dress this way and WANT to wear goofy hats, sweatshirts, waterbottles, pins, socks, shoes, on and on and on. It gives me a chuckle and I love it!

Finley's new word is "lemon". She loves to eat lemons, so she started saying the world". She also learned "again", and "I don't know".

Here are some pictures from Wednesday, Thursday - enjoy!

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