Tuesday, February 26, 2008

End of February

This is my last post of February! I can't believe it is almost March! March 1st is Mat and my "dating" anniversary. It will be 17 YEARS since our first date! Isn't that crazy? We met when I was 15 and he was 16. And we haven't been apart since. Not one breakup. Wow - it is hard to believe it has been that long. Mat's youngest sister, Jessica, was 10 years old when we started dating. Now she is 27 - about to be 28 and married! Time does really fly.....

Okay - enough of that. Since Saturday, not much to report, as usual. Sunday we went to church and it was my free time from all the kids! No, just kidding. After church we came home and decided to go out after the kids got up from nap. We took them to run some errands, then went out to dinner. It was nice. We tried a new little pizza place and it was yummy. Coal fired pizza - something new. And thin pizza. All the kids enjoyed it. Then we came home and relaxed to get ready for our busy week.

Monday Cainan had occupational therapy. I have to take Finley with me as well when we go and that is always challenging. She just wants to play too. The therapist doesn't mind, but it is hard for me to concentrate on Cainan with her being there. But she does pretty well. Cainan did well in therapy this week. He didn't cry at all and was a willing participant in all task. He still has some quirks. He sticks his tongue our still when he concentrates and we are working through breaking him of that habit. He is using his thumbs 100% better, and the therapist is very pleased. And he follows directions well. He still gets frustrated and when he doesn't want to do something anymore he just kind of shuts down. But he is even getting better with that and will go longer periods before quitting. We are now just seeing her every 2-3 weeks, so that is great progress.

Today Cainan had a checkup for his circumcision. We went to our pediatrician because our surgeon's office couldn't fit us in until March. Isn't that nice? They tell you to return in two weeks, you call the office to make an appointment and they say "sorry - we don't have any openings for a month". I say, "not even for a post-op follow up" and they say "not even for that". Nice, huh? But the pediatrician was able to look and everything looks fine. I love our pediatrician. While we were there (I had Finley of course) he weighed both kids and checked both kids ears and made sure they looked okay. It was nice. Cainan weighed 21 pounds, 6 ounces and Finley weighed 22 pounds. So both gaining nicely. Knock on wood, they have both been very healthy for awhile now. With them being home with me, no more germs. I have mixed feelings about that - I liked exposing them -will make Kindergarten easier. But having two the same age to be sick at the same time (or worse, one right after the other) that would be tough. So for now, it is nice being cold free.

Nothing up much tomorrow. We are going to try and get Cainan's US passport. Since we unsuccessful with our very UN-cooperative social security office, we were advised to try and get a passport, then get the SSN. We will see if that works. If not, we won't be surprised.

Arlington is doing well. Busy with school work. Today we worked on many Kindergarten worksheets that her Gramma sent her to work on. She really has the hang of them. We did a bunch. We practiced her words and did some math. Fun life she leads, huh? But this is what she does in her free time. She does like to watch TV, though! But today, she wasn't interested. We sat at the table the entire 3 hours the babies were napping and just worked on different things. It was fun. I like spending that time with her. I love seeing her little mind work. It amazes me every day how smart she is. She has an amazing memory.
And she has been a great help with the babies lately. She helps me feed them breakfast and lunch and when they wake up from nap she is anxious to play with them. It is fun. It is like having a little "mommy helper" in the house. She has always been anxious to please, and she is very caring of her siblings, so she sees it as a joy to lend me a hand. And trust me when I say, I couldn't be happier for the help! I got lucky with Arlington- she is truly one of a kind.

Finley is doing great. Still saying "hey dude". She also started saying "water" and "wipe". She loves wipes (like baby wipes) She will clean the whole house with them! Today I gave her one and found her wiping the floor with it. She is a weirdo. She also scolds Cainan. She will say "Caincan - no milk". "Caincan - not nice" "Caincan - bad baby", "Caincan - no touch". On and on and on. Cainan just looks at her like she is crazy.

Cainan is doing fine. He says "light" about 100 times a day. Cainan has a habit that if he thinks he is in trouble, he will say something cute in hopes that he will get off the hook. And saying "light" is this weeks chosen cute quote. He has learned to climb up the OUTSIDE of his crib. Mat taught him that. He gets his foot between the spokes of the crib and then pulls himself up. Trouble is, he hasn't figured out how to get back down, so that starts him wailing for help.

Here are just a few pictures! By the way - the one picture below is of birds that were in the lake behind our house bathing themselves. There were so many I decided to take their picture!

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Sounds like everyone is doing well! Glad to hear it!