Thursday, March 27, 2008

Change/no change

Okay - so Mat and I are really mad with the surgeon that we put Cainan through all of that surgery for basically no change in his nose at all. Poor little guy. I am so fed up with lousy health care and doctors who think they are gods but won't take the time to make sure the surgery is done correctly. Cainan had a very wide cleft lip and palate, so we know he will need several surgeries, but the way the surgeon explained it is that this would really make his nose look corrected. Wrong! It is almost as crooked as before. We think he is just the cutest little guy in the world- don't get me wrong - I don't care what it looks like. But this revision was necessary so that they could also get rid of some scar tissue and pull his lip down and do a botox injection because he had to have that extra surgery do to the infection. Ugh!
Anyway, I know this isn't my normal post day, but I wanted to share with you a before and after photo of our beautiful boy and you be the judge. Worth the suffering?




Donna said...

From these photos, it actually looks quite a bit better to me. But you guys see him everyday and I'm sure in person you really can tell if it was a big change or not. Poor little guy!

30 Minute Mommy said...

He really is cute as a button. I do see a difference but understand your frustration.