Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday at last

Ah, the weekend. Who doesn't love a good weekend? After a long week with the kids and much rain which kept us in doors, I was happy to have "co-parenting" today. The kids were really starting to wear on my nerves after being inside all those days. We are outdoor folks, and we try to get everyone out at least once a day. But for a few days, nothing and that was BAD! So today was a nice day and we were out a lot. Mat decided that because I had been with the kids all week, he would take them off my hands for a few hours this morning and that was wonderful! I got a lot done and it was so peaceful.

Mat took the kids to the natural sand dunes that are near our local beach. IT is only a few minutes from the house (the beach and sand dunes) so they didn't have to go far. They loved it. It is a trail, so he was able to keep them contained on the trail, and they loved just walking around. I think they were happy to be outside. It was in the low 70's so perfect weather to be outside. Not too hot! They were gone for awhile and they were hungry when they came home.

Once home I fed the babies and Mat took Arlington to get us some lunch and to the comic book store. She has always been very interested in Mat's comics, and loves super heros, so he got her a few basic ones to look at. She loves to look at the pictures. Her favorite is Super Girl. So she came home with some comics that she has been looking at this afternoon.

After naps, I took Arlington get get some groceries and some movies and then after dinner we all went outside to do a little yard work. Just a little weeding and such, so the kids go to play outside a little more! They have had a full day!

That is about it. A rainy week means not much to report! We were just stuck inside trying to entertain ourselves.

Arlington is doing great. We are working on "rhyming words". This is a harder concept than I realized. But she is getting the idea. She and Mat finished reading Tom Sawyer and now we are reading "Junie B Jones" books. If you aren't familiar with these, this is a book series about a little girl who is in Kindergarten and she is Arlington to a T! Well, for the most part. This little girl is kind of mean, (which Arlington isn't at all), but the words she uses are right on. It is fun.

Arlington said something funny. The name of our housing development is Mirabella. She has a friend named Bella. One day she was looking at the sign and saw the "Bella" part and wanted to know what the rest said, so I told her and she said, "Mirabella - Bella has a development named after her? Do you think there is a MiraArlington?" She is such a goof.

She also wanted to know about who controlled the weather. With all the rain and thunder, she wanted to know who caused that. I told her "God and Mother Nature". But then she reported to teachers and friends, "Hey guess what? Did you know Jesus makes the weather?"

Finley is going through a phase. She has not been napping as long as she used to nor eating very well. I think she is growing some AND getting some new teeth. She is still missing quite a few bottom teeth, so I am sure they are coming in soon! So she doesn't want to eat much. Each meal is a fight. All she wants is milk. And the last week or so, she hasn't been falling asleep until around 2pm. Usually my kids nap from 1-4, but this week she has changed her mind! And then she is a little grouchy when she wakes up because she hasn't gotten enough rest. Hopefully the phase will pass soon. She is sleeping great at night, just not during the day. Her new word is "Barbie".

Cainan is doing well. He had speech therapy on Thursday. The speech therapist wanted us to make a list of all the words he knows and we came up with 24! I didn't realize it was that many. I was happy to see that. Some of them are definitely things that only we understand, but he is coming along. He seems to have a weak soft palate which hinders him from saying difficult things, but hopefully that will strengthen in time. He said "hi papa" this week - a two word sentence. Yeah!

Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

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