Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Belated Easter

Happy Easter everyone! Since this is my regular post day, I saved posting our Easter pictures until today. We had a nice Easter - especially as a complete family with Cainan. He was really into looking for the egss, but he and Finley just kind of wondered around! It was cute. Finley said "egg" over and over again. She just wanted to open and close them a hundred times. Arlington had a great time helping the babies find eggs all over the house. The Easter bunny marked the ones for Finley and Cainan and Arlington because they each held special surprised for each child! It was fun.

Not much else going on. Cainan continues to recover well. It looks like his nose is slipping a little. It isn't a perfect fix. I can't decide if I am mad at the surgeon or not. It may just be inevitable that he is going to take several surgeries to get his nose and lip in order and we just have to be patient. I just hate having to put him through so much. But no matter what, we are done with surgeries for a few years. He is perfect to us. I am done torturing him until he gets older. Poor little guy. But he has recovered well and in two days we can take the bandages off and we can clean him up and move on.

Finley is doing well. She is just so talkative. She says more and more sentences a day and is really getting her thoughts across. She is so cute! I love this stage when their little sentences are broken but they are so excited when they are understood. She is still very high maintenance and I think she always will be!

Arlington is doing great. She said something funny today in the car on the way home from school. We were getting ready to make a right hand turn and the light was turning red. I knew I had time because of making the right, so I went. Arlington was talking to me about school at the time, and she stopped mid-sentence and said,
(exact words) "Mommy, did you even look at the color of that light before you turned?" Ah, spoken like a future back seat driver.

Enjoy our pictures!

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30 Minute Mommy said...

It looks like they had a wonderful Easter. I can't wait until Eliza is big enough for egg hunting! Thanks for the help with my blogroll. I am glad I got it figured out.