Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Universal studios

Yes people, Arlington went to Universal Studios this weekend with Mat. The one thing we do like about Florida is being close to Disney and Universal. Can't beat that! She rode every ride she was big enough for about 100 times, and even did some little kid rides (as she now refers to them). She is 5 going on 20, but she still admits to loving Curious George and will sing along to Barney songs. She and Mat had a great time. If she grows just ONE more inch, she will be able to ride a whole new set of rides and she can't wait. She watches those roller coasters and just wishes she could be in one of those seats. Mat can't wait either. I will be waiting on the side lines to hold her hair back after she pukes. No big rides for me!

But fun was had by all. The only ride she didn't like was Jaws. Now, I told her dad NOT to take her on that ride, but she wanted to, and apparently Arlington is now the parent, so they went. And she was not thrilled. She was sitting on the outside and kind of freaked, so Mat moved her to the inside of the boat and she did better. She knows it is pretend, but that ride even freaks me out - I hate having something jump out at me. But she loved everything else she rode that day including a ride called "Twister". They stayed at the park the whole day until it closed, ate dinner out, had a giant ice cream sundae, and then she crashed about 10 minutes into the ride home.

Finley and Cainan are doing well. We are working STILL on colors. These babies just aren't interested in learning. Finley can SAY all the color names, but other than that, she just doesn't care. I say, "what color is it?" and she walks away and says "no". Cainan seems to have "yellow" down. Not the word, but he can pick it out. They are funny.

We had a playdate today with our friend Tracy and her little girl that she adopted from China. We always have fun together and we are becoming good friends! I love having someone to talk to about parenting and just general stuff. The adult conversation is great, especially since I am not working any more. I love being able to look forward to our weekly gathering just to chat and have fun. It is great. We have made it a regular thing and I am so glad. Our kids are having fun and so are we!

Nothing much else happening. Tomorrow no plans! We are going to stay home the whole day. We have been taking daily walks around our neighborhood because it has been beautiful weather and it breaks up the day. The babies like riding in the stroller or wagon and getting some fresh air. And it gives me a chance to look around the neighborhood at everyone's flowers to see what I want to plant!

Enjoy some pictures! Sorry no pictures of the babies today - just Arlington at Universal.

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Carrie said...

I'm glad that Arlington had fun at Universal! Finley and Cainan will get the colors in plenty of time. They're just having too much fun being babies right now. :)