Saturday, March 15, 2008

The weekend came so fast!

This week flew by for us - and I am glad! I love getting to the weekend. We don't have to get up or rush to school, or appointments, etc. It WOULD be better, though, if the kids would sleep a little longer - realize that it is Saturday and sleep PAST 6:30-7am! Ah well.

Thursday Cainan had speech therapy and it went pretty well. Finley and I stayed out of the room for most of the session and Cainan actually TALKED to the therapist. It was nice to see! So we will be doing that from now on. Since I have to take Finley, she answers most of the questions before Cainan gets a chance, so Cainan stays quiet. So he just needed to be alone. I was always afraid to ask if we should step out so I finally did and Cainan goes often enough now that he knows the therapist, so it went fine.

Friday Arlington went to a ballgame with Mat. He had gotten some free spring training tickets, and we have the spring training field about 6 miles from our house for the Mets and the Marlins. So it is our chance to see two professional teams in a quiet setting having fun and for free! We have tried to go to at least one game each year. They had a great time and Arlington spent the time with a little friend of hers from school who was also there, ate a hot dog, cotton candy and ice cream, and got a fair amount of sun. When they came home we were all outside doing yard work and playing until the sun went down. A good day.

Mat left this morning for a meeting, so we are missing him right now. He will be back late Wednesday night, so we will be looking forward to that! My parents flew in to stay with me and the kids while he is gone. I can manage 1-2 nights by myself, but after that we get a little nuts. So it is nice to have the company, especially in the evenings getting everyone to bed. I kept myself and the kids busy all day until my parents got here this evening and we did pretty good! But I do miss Mat when he is gone, and especially on the weekends when it is really the only time we get to spend whole days together. I will be glad when he is home.

Everyone is doing fine. Arlington got invited to two birthday parties this week, so she was very excited about that! I think the majority of her class was born in the late winter, early spring, because we have been hitting the birthday circuit lately! But it is fun.

Cainan is doing well. He has his surgery coming up on Thursday, so I am beefing him up on all kinds of fatty foods knowing he will be losing a little weight during the two weeks he needs to eat mostly liquids. He is saying the word "truck" pretty well now, and will say "moon" and "plane" and "flower".

Finley is her old self. Still boycotting eating for the most part unless we put the food in her mouth. But it is getting better each day. The tooth broke through the skin and I am sure that helps. Yesterday she did the funniest thing. She and Cainan were sitting at the little kids table eating some chicken nuggets. Cainan didn't have any food in his mouth, so Finley got up, walked over, said "eat" and put a chicken nugget in his mouth! And Cainan just ate it without saying a word! She is too funny.

Here are a few little pictures

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