Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rainy Tuesday

Yes, it is raining - again. It has been raining a lot this last week and I am about sick of it! And it waits to start raining until AFTER the kids get up from nap, so we are trapped inside. No fun. The kids get a little crazy then! Even mommy gets a little crazy.

We had a nice weekend. On Sunday we decided to take the kids to the Miami Children's Museum. We looked at the one closer to our house, but it wasn't as nice. Miami is only 1 1/2 hours away, so we decided to make a day of it and just go. I am so glad we did! All the kids had a blast, but especially Arlington. It was huge and full of stuff for kids of all ages. The babies could run and jump and play just as easy as Arlington. No one wanted to leave! We stayed from 11:30-3:30, and could have stayed longer, but we wanted to get home and get back for the evening. Arlington really cried when we left! The babies even took a nap while we were there for about 1-1 1/2 hours. That gave Arlington a chance to play with Mat and I without distraction. It was a fun day. We stopped at the Olive Garden for dinner and that was a nice ending to our day.

Monday was uneventful. We were all thrown by the time change. Mat set the alarm for 6:15, but turned it off and went back to sleep and we didn't get up until 7:30! Yikes! We had to rush to get Arlington to school in time that is for sure! Mat ended up taking her so I wouldn't have to rush the babies.

Today we had a fun day. We started with a playdate with our friend Tracy and her little girl that she adopted from China. That was fun. Then all together we went to our local library for story time. The babies loved it! They read some books to the kids and played some music and games and even did a little art project. It was fun and we had a great time. Then after that we picked up Arlington at school and met Mat for lunch. That was a nice treat! Cainan ate really well, but not Finley! She has been such a bear about eating due to getting some new teeth. She ate a few pieces of pizza, but ended up eating a lot of olives and raisins. Silly girl. I will be glad when this stage is over. Cainan loves to eat out so he ate everything on his plate! This evening after naps it rained, but finally let up around 6:30pm, so we went for a much needed walk as a family. We went around the blocks -the babies walked the whole way. Finley pushed a little baby stroller and Cainan pulled the wagon. It was fun.

That is the happenings! All the kids are doing well. Not much to report.

Finley and Cainan have decided they are boycotting learning shapes. They say forget it. It is so frustrating! But Cainan has learned "A" and "B". Finley has decided she will learn things a little non-traditional. She knows the letter "W" and the color pink. Weirdo. Ah, second (and third) kids -not going as fast as the first. Oh well.

So that's the happenings! Enjoy the pictures from the day at the museum and a few others.

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