Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Yep - today is my birthday. I am 33 (yikes) today! July 1st. Hard to believe that the summer is half over AND the year is half over!

Anyway, I had a pretty good birthday. We didn't do anything special today because it is a Tuesday and all and Mat is working. But the excavation project finished today and that was a GREAT present! I will take a picture of the hay covered yard tomorrow and post it on Saturday. It looks great, and when it is green, it will be so cool. We have a new 5000 square foot yard, and that is pretty good considering all the trouble we have had with it! I can't wait to get it in shape.

I am getting some presents this week. My present from my hubby and kids is new plants for the new yard. I wanted a lot of new perennials that I could put there so that is a great present! I am definitely getting some roses, but I need to think about the other things. I am going shopping for those over the next couple of days. I already have my rockers, Aunt Betty got me a few daisy plants for the yard (thanks Aunt Betty), I got money, my sister in law Carrie got me some cute signs for the house, and I got a lot of cards and phone calls. Overall - a great birthday!

So anyway, that is the scoop on me! I took a lot of pictures of the kids today. As you can see, I have a new picture on top of my blog. It was time - the other one was 7 months old! The kids cooperated pretty well, and I got a lot of good shots. I didn't photo shop any below, but I wanted to add several of them for you guys to look at on the blog today. Grandparents - be patient! I will put them on Shutterfly soon once I get them cropped correctly. But it was fun taking some pictures in our new yard. Only Finley wouldn't stand still for a good shot, BUT I got some great shots of her anyway. A lot of the pictures below are of her because she was on the move!

The kids are doing great. Today Aunt Betty left to go back home, and we are really going to miss her. It was nice having her here this week to play with the kids and help me out around the house. Aunt Betty is a gardening nut, so she was able to identify all but 3 of the plants in the front yard! And I think if they had their flowers, she would have gotten those too! But we did find out that the big tree that we thought was a Dogwood, is ACTUALLY a Star Magnolia. Now I feel smart that I know what most of my plants are - there are TONS!

Anyway, Arlington is fine. Was a pretty good girl this week. We have a two week break from company, so we will have to schedule some playdates so that she doesn't get bored. Aunt Betty taught her some new words to add to her collection, and we played tons and tons of games of War, Crazy Eights, Go Fish and Old Maid. Arlington is getting really good.

Cainan seems to have a little cold. I think Finley shared it with him. Neither he or Finley are really acting sick, but they both have stuffy noses and Cainan has a cough. Summer colds - they run ramped in our family for some reason.

Finley is also doing well. Her cold seems to be getting better, thank goodness. She said her first FIVE word sentence today. "My shoe hurt my foot". It was hysterical! I couldn't believe she put that many words together. She says a ton of 3 word sentences, but this was a good one! She is talking so well. She can now "tattle" on who is bothering her. Look out Arlington!

So that's the scoop. Not much else to report. Oh, I am almost finished painting the master bedroom, then I will try and take a picture of it. We decided on Cranberry as a color. It is very similar to the color we had in our master in our old house. I love it.

Enjoy the photos!


Carrie said...

Finley looks like a ballerina in the one picture! Too cute! Glad that your yard is finally cleared and now you can really start playing!

The Kovalls said...

The pictures are adorable! Too bad your mom just cleared out some of the frames that took up every surface in the house - it will be covered again in no time :-)

Danielle said...

awe! thay really look great! They are all so adorable. Happy Birthday.