Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hot day in Connecticut

We have had a couple of hot days lately. Without our beloved air conditioning, we are surely feeling the heat indoors. Thank goodness for our ceiling fans! But I do miss my central air. Someday we will have that again.....

The kids are doing well. We got Finley a little wading pool for her birthday since the kids love being outside so much. It was hot today, so before afternoon naps, I blew up the pool (using a pump of course!) and filled it up so it could be nice and warm for the kids this afternoon. The kids loved it. After they had a little snack, I got them dressed and out we went to play in the water. I decided to set it up on the deck away form the new yard. With all of their splashing, they would have just made it muddy! Plus most of our existing yard is taken up by a sand pit and the old playset that was here when we moved in. So that was the best choice. We have a huge deck so that worked out well. We played for about 1 hour plus out there and the kids were blue when I finally drug them out for dinner. Hopefully they will sleep well tonight!

We also went to the library today before lunch. We have a great local library and I am glad we were able to continue our weekly trips since our move. Arlington loves books more than anything in the world. She gets so excited to go to the library. I have been taking her on Saturday mornings, but this past Saturday it was closed, so today all of us went (minus Mat who was at work). I am never sure about taking the babies minus their stroller, but they are getting bigger, so I took a chance. They did pretty well. Finley pulled like 6 books off the shelf, but then she sat down and looked at them and was peaceful. Cainan found a truck book that had wheels on it and he just looked at that and carried it around the whole time. So it went well.

We had a full day. Not much else is going on. I finished painting the master bath. The color is PERFECT. I love it. Now all that is left in the master bath would be to.......change everything else. Ha! These folks moved in in 1996 and haven't changed a thing since then! The master is fine for now - it has a whirlpool tub and separate shower, double sinks, and is huge. But I don't like the color of the tile, the shower is old, and the counters and sinks are dated. Oh, and there is a crazy light bar that has about 18 lights on it. I feel like I am on Broadway every time I get ready in the morning. Every room is the same - I am starting with paint, but just about everything needs to be changed....in time. :)

I also started painting the kids bathroom. It is Apricot Spice. MAt picked it. It is okay - we will see once it is finished. I think it will be good for a kids bathroom. I took the ducks down and enjoyed doing it. And I changed the hardware on the cabinets. There is still TONS to do with that bathroom as well - like completely gutting it. But the paint and hardware does help. That will be the last room I am going to paint for awhile. That will complete the upstairs - besides the hallway - and that is a huge start. I will take a break for a few weeks now, and that will be nice.

The rest of this week we have a few things planned. We have a movie night on the lawn at the local library on Thursday for families. I am going to take Arlington. It is the "Bee Movie". We have seen it, but I think sitting on the lawn will be fun for us. And it is FREE. That day we are also having the oil company come by and give us estimates to fill our oil tank and service our boiler. I feel like I have moved back to the 1800s. I am totally clueless with this "self contained house" stuff. Well water, oil heat, septic tank. Yuck, yuck,yuck. I can't get rid of the well water and septic, unfortunately, BUT I can get rid of the oil. And in a few years I will replace it with central air and heat. Whoo hoo!

Then on Friday Finley has her 2 year old checkup and Arlington has her physical for Kindergarten. I hope they both don't need shots like Cainan did. Having them both there - that would suck.

Then this weekend will be just getting things together for our trip next week. I need to get the car serviced, get snacks, clean the car.....doesn't this sound fun?

So that is our unexciting life. No real kid stories. No more unexpected hair cuts.
Oh - there are a few pictures below of flowers from our yard. No new ones- I am just trying some different things with the camera, and I decided to post them. The girl's bedroom is a garden theme, and so I thought I might blow up some of these pictures to frame in their room. You will have to tell me what you think of that idea!



Danielle said...

That pool looks awesome. You must really like to paint. Mu husband is anal and won't let me paint. I am too messy.

Donna said...

I love the flower pics! Great idea for the girls room! What kind of camera did you get? It takes great shots!

Beth Geary said...

I absolutely love how you keep up on this blog! Love your pictures at the end. The kids seem to enoy their pool! I think the flower pictures are gorgeous and it is a GREAT idea to use them in the girls room! I wish I had ideas like that!!