Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Leaving soon!

Here we are! I hate having my picture taken, but Cainan's 1 year social worker visit is coming up and we had to have a picture of our family all together. We were out shopping this day for flowers and it was hot and we were all sweaty, but Mat's Aunt Betty took this picture. It will do. :) Aunt Betty took a great pictures - we just look tired!

Well the kids and I are getting ready for our big road trip to Pennsylvania to see the parents/grandparents. We are looking forward to the trip. We haven't been to our home town in almost two years! That is too long. I am glad we live closer now so that we don't have to go that long anymore. We are leaving this coming Friday. My parents fly in tomorrow and are going to ride back to Pennsylvania with me and the kids. No way was I driving all that way with those three monsters - I mean darlings - for 8 hours. We are staying a week and then my parents will drive back with me to Connecticut and are bringing my grandma with them for a visit. They will be staying for a few more days before flying back home. I plan on hiting all my favorite spots while I am there - all the restaurants that I loved when I was living there. I know it seems silly, but they are YUMMY. Mat has to work and can't go this trip because he just started his new job. He will go with us next time.

Arlington won't be returning to Connecticut with us. She will be staying an extra two weeks with the grandparents. Mat is not crazy about this idea - mostly because Arlington is definitely his buddy and he is going to miss her like crazy. But Arlington is so excited. I just hope she doesn't get home sick. But my parents and Mat's parents have something huge planned for her every day, so she isn't going to have time to miss us! She is going to be too exhausted. We are returning to Pennsylvania on August 8th for the weekend because it is the annual Pletcher reunion. So it worked out for Arlington to stay - we will just get her then.

Anywho - not much going on here. I have ceased painting projects for a little while. Now, I am itching to keep going and get the whole house painted, but I decided to take a break until probably either late August or once Arlington starts back to school in September. Right now we are trying to focus on the yard. The grass is coming in REALLY well in spots, and not so great in others. It is so patchy. But I am hoping that it will spread, or we will have to just do some more seeding. Once I return from our trip, Mat and I will decide. But is is starting to look like a real lawn. I can't even picture what it looked like before. We have also been busy working on our fire pit and the area around our boulder. Those are both long processes, and they keep us busy. I have my new Autumn Sun plants blocked now, and their flowers came back. I am going to have to come up with a more permanent solution for them, though. I need to take a class in perennials and deer repellent!

Speaking of deer - as mad as I am at them for eating my flowers, I saw a mommy and baby deer today. It was so cute! I wish I would have had my camera. This is not the first time they have been spotted around our house.

The kids are doing great. You are going to be mad because I only have two pictures below. But there wasn't much to take pictures of these last couple of days. We hit the library today and Arlington stocked up on books for her trip. Even the babies left with a couple. I hope they love to read as much as their big sister. Arlington has drawn about 1 million pictures in the last two days. Since we are going to visit her grandparents, she felt she needed to make them a ton of pictures. I am going to need a suitcase just for them soon. Today, no joking, she colored for 4 hours straight. That is a record.

Cainan had a little fall tonight and now has a swollen lip. He was climbing the ladder on our playset, and fell off the top rung. He hasn't ever fallen before, so it was bound to happen. I didn't catch him in time. He did hit the ground. The part I am most upset about (since he wasn't seriously injured) is it was the side of his cleft lip repair. The fall made his nose bleed and that side is all swollen. I am sure it is fine - we are almost 1 year since it was repaired. But I still worry. Poor guy - it is going to be sore tomorrow. He didn't cry much, which actually isn't like him! Cainan is starting to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" I can make out most of the words. Funny how kids can't put 2-3 words together can sing a whole song. That has always amazed me. He has switched completely over to a twin size bed and does great in there. We took his crib down two nights ago and are going to give it to my parents to use at their house. Before summers end, I think Finley will switch over as well - if she stops falling out!

Finley is as bad as ever. If there is any change in her personality, I will let you know. Just kidding. She has been playing really nice with Cainan for the last couple of days. She hasn't bitten him in a few days. Yes, if I haven't said before - Finley bites Cainan. She only bites him. Mostly if she isn't getting what she wants. Poor guy was having like a bite every other day on his back. I don't know what caused her to start that, but we are getting a handle on it. She never did that before. But there is no excuse for biting - I will put an end to it. She is also getting better with her sentences. She speaks clear 4-5 word sentences these days and has become quite the tattle tale. She is always tattling on Cainan and Arlington. Her favorite is "Cainan/Arlington hit my head". Even if it isn't true. She will wake up from nap and say it. She is doing pretty good in her toddler bed - she falls out almost every night and I put her back in bed (it doesn't wake her up) but she is napping, which was my biggest concern.

I have been working on Finley's quilt very hard this weekend/week. I will have the whole front sewn together hopefully when I come back from vacation. I am glad to have the fronts done, so now all I have to do is quilt the backs to them. Then I can put them on their beds. I am also going to be quilting Cainan's 100 good wishes quilt at the same time. I will do that one by hand. I finished the front, so now I just need to do the back. Now this, I love to do. I love seeing the finished product and using what I made. Very cool. I may not have a green thumb, but this - this I can do. The girl's quilts will be my first attempt at machine quilting. I have always done it by hand, but this time, I have two large ones - I want to use the machine. So if anyone out there has tips for me, I would love to hear them.

Anyway, here are the two remaining pictures. I probably won't blog on Saturday because I will be at my in-laws house and may not have time that evening. But I will blog on Sunday evening after my nephew's baptism. I am going to be the Godmother! I am very excited about that.

I have also added a cute video at the bottom of a Huggies commercial I saw this week on TV. It had me cracking up, and for all of you that have baby boys - you have to watch this! :)


Cainan and Finley at the fire pit
Playing around - waiting for something exciting to happen

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