Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Still having fun!

We are still on vacation and having a great time!  I put some pictures below of our few days in Connecticut before we left and then the first couple of days that we were here.  It is ending up being a ton of pictures, so I am just including the pictures from Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week.  I will post the baptism pictures and pictures from the babies second birthday party on Saturday when I post again.  I will be playing catch up with pictures for awhile!

But we are having a great time.  I will write about the things we have been doing on Saturday.  Just a little explanation of some of the pictures.  We had breakfast in New York City last Friday with my cousin Kirsten (who plays Frenchy in 'Grease" in NYC) and the Orlando's family friends.  There are pictures of that below.  And the other pictures are from the Pletcher's house (Mat's family's house) from when we stayed there on Saturday and had a party for the babies.  

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