Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hello from Pennsylvania!

Hello there! We arrived safely in Pennsylvania Friday night after a long drive from Connecticut. The drive went well, but was long. We stopped in New York city for a few hours to have breakfast with my cousin Kirsten and her husband Sean, and the Orlandos - family friends. It was a nice break. We are two hours from NYC, so this was a good time for a break from the car. After we left New York we stopped one more time for lunch before the babies took a nap in the car. During their nap we found out that the highway we were traveling was closed for an accident, so we had to go on a detour that took us out of our way for over 1 hour. But while on our detour, we did see a Dairy Queen, so we stopped for some ice cream when the babies woke up from their nap. Then we stopped one more time for dinner and then headed the rest of the way home.

Saturday was spent with the Pletcher family. Myself and the kids stayed there all day Saturday and all night. We had a great time. It was nice to spend time with Mat's brother Zac and sister Jess and her husband Tom who we don't get to see very often. We had a little birthday party for the babies while were there and they got some great gifts. It was a fun day.

Today was the baptism of my new nephew. We took Arlington to the baptism but left the babies at the Pletcher's since we were going to be gone all day. It was a good day and Arlington was very well behaved. The baptism was very nice and the party afterward was fun. Again, I had a chance to see family and friends that I have not seen in over 2 years.

We have had a very long and tiring weekend, but fun. I am sorry, but there won't be any pictures today because I am too tired to work on them! There are many, many! So on WEDNESDAY (Tuesday we are going to a theme park) I will put the pictures on the blog. I promise!

We are having a great time, but I am missing Mat. I wish he could have made the trip with us. I know he misses us too, and soon we will be home. I am hoping the next trip like this he will be able to come along!

Anyway, I will post one picture below from the baptism of the family. I thought it was a nice one!


Left to right: Pap Appolonia, Mom, Grammy Appolonia, Dad, Ryan, Pat, Tricia, AJ, Me (little kids Arlington and my nephew

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The Kovalls said...

Thanks for posting the pic, Jen! I can't wait to see more tomorrow. Hopefully my face doesn't look so dumb in the rest :-) (That's what happens when 3 people take photos at once!)

Thanks for all of your help today!!

PS - Batman was good, not great, in my book!