Sunday, July 27, 2008


Okay - I forgot yesterday was Saturday! Sorry! I went to be last night and then I realized that I never wrote on the blog. Ah well. :)

This post I am going to post pictures of the baptism last Sunday and the kids party on Monday. The baptism was really nice. Our nephew was very well behaved - out of the 7 babies being baptized, he was the most quiet! He did great and looked very cute in his baptismal outfit. After the baptism we had a picnic at a local park and it was nice to see all the family there. Arlington went with me to the baptism, and the babies stayed at Mat's parents for the day since we were going to be gone all day long.

Monday was the party for the babies birthdays at my parents house. We had a nice party that evening and a lot of people had a chance to meet Cainan for the first time. It was even the first time some people had met Finley since we have not been home for two years! It was fun. They all got WONDERFUL gifts (even Arlington received some) and it was great to visit with everyone.

Next Tuesday I will share some pictures from our day at our local amusement park in Pittsburgh and the last of the pictures from our trip. Then I will be all caught up!



The Kovalls said...

The first picture is amazing! You can have a second career as a photographer :-) I love the one of the babies at the piano, too!

Danielle said...

Cainan looks so cute with his hair cut short! Great pics. Thanks for sharing.