Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ah the weekend

I love weekends. I do! I know I don't work during the week, but the weekends are great because Mat is around all day for two days in a row and we seem to get a lot done during that time. This weekend is all about yard work. We are fertilizing our new grass and reseeding some areas this weekend, and also seeding some extra areas that needed new grass. We are going to have this yard in shape eventually! It is an endless project. I look around and see so many things we want to do. It is hard to stay focused on just one project. But I am trying!

Arlington has one more week left on her vacation. She is having a great time. We have talked to her several times this week and she is doing well. She attended vacation Bible School, got to go to a theme park, a small zoo, ride a horse, attend a fair, ride some water slides, and hang out with her cousin. She is having a ball. This next week she is spending the week with my parents and they have a lot of great times planned. She is even going to get to see her new baby cousin and her aunt and uncle and spend some extra time with them this week. She will love that. We miss her, but time is going by fast and soon she will be home again!

The babies are doing great. Finley is just an ornery little thing. The other day I was feeding the kids lunch and they were having ham lunch meat ripped up into small pieces. Finley wasn't too keen on eating it and was throwing it everywhere. I made her sit and eat some of it while I put the dishes in the dishwasher. Then we started to head upstairs to go to nap. I looked down at her, and in both of her ears was the ham!! Her ears were full of the ham! She stuffed it in there. I said to her “Finley, we don't stick things in our ears” She looked at me and smiled and said, “hide it”. What a riot.

We have also discovered that Finley is afraid of thunderstorms. I had to tell her this whole story about the thunder is just “clapping” for the rain, telling the rain “good job!”. I don't know if she bought it. She is much more afraid of everyday things – more so than Arlington. Finley also doesn't like the shower. I throw her into the shower occasionally just to rinse her quickly from being outdoors (instead of a bath) and she cries bloody murder. You would think we were killing her. She backs way into a corner and says “no shower!”

Cainan is doing well. Quiet as ever. He isn't as mischivieous as Finley is. He is more of a follower and will do some of the crazy stuff she does, but only because she does it first! He has become rather defiant though, when it comes to doing things! Terrible twos – here we come. His first answer is “no!”. Great. But he is doing fine. Today he was having a snack outside of grapes and was sitting in a chair at the top of our (sloped) driveway. He stood up, and dumped the cup and all of the grapes came rolling down the hill. He cried so hard! He tried to eat some of them – yuck! But we stopped him.

This week we had his 1 year social worker visit for his adoption. I can't believe that on August 13th is will have been 1 year since we officially adopted Cainan in China. I hope to have a celebration that day. The nice thing is – Mat's aunt Betty, who traveled with Mat to China to get Cainan, will be here during that time so she can celebrate with us. We look forward to that.

The pictures below are of the day we spent at the theme park, Kennywood, with Arlington. I wanted to share them because we had such a fun day there. I didn't have the pictures of us standing in line for the "big" roller coaster that she road. I was terrified - she loved it! It has been awhile since I have ridden one of Kennywood's famous wooden roller coasters!

There are also a few other pictures as well – including one where Finley drew all over her legs. I was with her – she was sitting and coloring. I had given her some paper and crayons. Where she found the marker, I will never know! She came over to me and said, “I drew on myself”. Yeah – no kidding. Her shirt says (in the picture) - “Don't look at me, it was already broken.” How fitting!

This weekend we are also going to try out a new church, I think. Since we don't have Arlington with us, we are going to try our local congregational church to see if it is the right fit for us. If not, there is a presbyterian church not that far away that we will try the next time.

Other Saturday ramblings: Our grass is coming in pretty well. The old owners wouldn't even recognize their old yard! We think it looks great. I can't wait to install the play area and remove the old one.

I am working on the girl's quilts for their beds. I was going to machine quilt them and that went badly. They are too big and my machine is too cheap! Oh well. I am going to finish them by hand. No biggie. It just is going to take a little longer. But I will take some pictures of their room once they are finished.

I went to a “seed and feed” store today. That was an interesting trip for a “city girl” like me! There were some interesting folks there, but I needed to get straw for our newly seeded areas of the yard. They had live chickens for sale there! Cainan went with me and he liked seeing them. It was a crazy place. But fun.

Mat and I have seen/watched some movies lately. We went to the theater to see Batman. I really enjoyed it. I can usually take at least one super hero movie a year, and this was the one. It was well done. We have been watching the “John Adams” miniseries that was on HBO. I also recommend that – it is very good. We saw “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay”. Yeah – that was an interesting one. I don't recommend that one, really. It was okay, but weird.

We DIDN'T like the following rental: 10,000 BC. The BC should stand for “Bull Crap”. That is how accurate some of it was. And we rented the “Solomon Brothers”. Cute in some ways, but uncomfortable and dumb in others. I wouldn't recommend it either.

Anyway, I am done rambling on!

Enjoy the pictures!

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