Saturday, August 30, 2008

First week down!

Well, I finished my first week of work, and I survived! The week went by pretty quickly. Wednesday we had a convocation at school with all of the staff from all of the schools. That lasted most of the morning and afternoon. The speaker was the real Patch Adams (for those of you who saw the movie). Very cool. It was a fun morning. We also had a nice BBQ after that. Then myself and the other nurse that will be orienting me went to my school for a few hours to get some things in order. I also had a chance to meet all of the incoming Kindergarteners, so that was good as well.

Thursday and Friday I was alone at the school (my orienting nurse has her own building, and needed to be there the first two days of school). I knew I would be able to handle any nursing issues, but the paperwork was the only thing that scared me! But I survived. Every teacher and staff made their way to me to say hello and introduce themselves. I saw about 12 kids the first day for injuries and 30 kids the second day. Not bad! I even got my room a little organized and hung a few new posters and things to brighten up the room. I only have one seriously medically fragile kid, so that is a no biggie. My school has 200 kids - a nice small elementary school. But I do like it - it seems to be a good fit. This has always been my favorite age. I have always cared for kids under the age of 11 - with just a rare occasion of teenagers a few years. I love the kids that believe in Santa Clause.

So anyway, that was my week. I am tired this weekend, and glad I have three days to get recovered before next week. My parents left this morning. We were sad to see them go. We enjoyed having them this passed week, and truly could not have done it without them! They made our life so much easier while we adjusted to once again being a two working parent family.

Wednesday Finley had her hearing test. She didn't hear the low sounds, but they believe that it was due to a large amount of wax in both ears. Finley has always had a problem with wax, and since you aren't supposed to use Q-tips deep down in, it is not surprising to have to get her ears cleaned out every so often. So on Thursday morning she went to the pediatrician to have her ears cleaned out and boy did they remove a ton of wax. I am sure she is hearing so much better. We will continue to put wax remover in her ears, but that never helps for long. Poor little girl!

Thursday Arlington had her meet and greet with her teacher at her school. Mat was able to come home and take her, so that was great! He hadn't been inside the school before, so that was great he could go with her. He took lots of pictures, and I put them below. Arlington was really excited when she came home telling us about the kids she got to meet while she was there. I think once she is in the routine she is really going to love it.

We did find out, though, that Arlington's bus ride is going to be nearly 50 minutes. Can you believe that??? That really is upsetting us. For some reason, her Kindergarten Enrichment is one of the first pickups for school. She is getting picked up SO early. But there isn't much we can do. I am going to pack books in her bookbag for her to look at to help pass the time. But we are not pleased. Such a long time to be on a bus to a school that is only THREE MILES away. Sigh. And she isn't going to be on the same bus as her little friend here in our neighborhood (which she doesn't know yet). Ugh.

This weekend we will be getting all of the things together for the kids to start school next week. The babies will be starting preschool on Tuesday and Arlington will be starting Kindergarten the same day! Mat is staying home from work on Tuesday to let Arlington catch the bus from home so she can ride with a friend on the first day. That will help. Then Arlington will start her Kindergarten enrichment class on Wednesday and will catch the bus from there. So many changes! I will be worried all next week until I see the kids are relaxed and in a routine.

So that was our week thus far. This morning I was able to take Mat and the kids passed the school I am working at, and we had breakfast at a restaurant near there before my parents headed home. Next week I will try and remember to take my camera to work and take pictures of the school and my office. I have my nurse to orient me all next week, which will be good, and can even have her a second week if I want! I am getting spoiled!

Enjoy the pictures.

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The Kovalls said...

Tell Arlington to have a WONDERFUL first day of kindergarten! We will be thinking of her all day :-)